Mainers cast their ballots on tax reform and bond measures

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June 8, 2010

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AUGUSTA, Maine: It's Election Day not only in Maine but in various states in the country. Mainers in particular will not only cast their ballots on state officials but will also decide on five statewide ballot measures. Four of the five measures relate to bond issues, while Question 1 asks voters if they want to repeal a tax code reform approved by the Maine Legislature in 2009.[1]

According to reports, Question 1 is expected to be the most contentious issue on the ballot.[2] Vote YES to Reject New Taxes has raised an estimated $27,180 in cash contributions as of June 2, 2010, while No Higher Taxes for Maine has an estimated $337,180. An April 28 - May 7 poll by Critical Insights revealed that Mainers remain undecided. Of the 600 polled voters 38% said they were in favor of a veto and 43% said they were opposed. Both supporters and opponents have released a series of television ads. They can be viewed here: support and opposition.

In contrast to the hotly debated tax question, Question 2-5 have been relatively quiet in regards to campaign activity. All bond questions are strongly supported by various state chambers of commerce including: the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, the Portland Chamber of Commerce and the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Gov. John Baldacci has announced his support for all four bond measures. Supporters said the proposed measures will help boost Maine's economy, help small businesses and support energy independence. The main organization to voice opposition to the proposed questions is the Maine Heritage Policy Center. They said that while bonds are appropriate for some state needs, Maine has too much debt.

According to the secretary of state's office poll opening vary depending on location. Some open as early as 6 a.m. while others open at 10 a.m. All polls, however, close at 8 p.m. EDT. You can look up your polling place here.

Election results will be available on Ballotpedia as reports are made by the secretary of state's office.

Type Title Subject Description
VR Question 1 Tax reform Overturn 2009 tax code reform
LRSS Question 2 Bond issues Regarding investments in weatherization and energy efficiency projects
LRSS Question 3 Bond issues $57.8 million bond package for highway projects, harbor and energy projects
LRSS Question 4 Bond issues Provides for economic development and job creation bonds
LRSS Question 5 Bond issues Relates to improving water quality, drinking water programs, wastewater treatment facilities

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