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Major FOIA Litigation by State

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This is a list of major FOIA litigation, organized by state. If you were looking for FOIA litigation organized by year, please see: Court cases with an impact on state FOIA

(The cases are listed alphabetically. To order them by year please click the icon to the right of the Year heading)


"Lawsuit Year
Blankenship v. City of Hoover 1991
Brewer v. Watson (Brewer III) 1882
Chambers v. Birmingham News Co 1989
Dale v. Birmingham News 1984
Dunn v. Alabama State University Board of Trustees 1993
Holcombe v. State ex rel. Chandler 1941
Miglionico v. Birmingham News Company 1979
Montgomery Advertiser v. Montgomery County Board of Education 1991
Slawson & Furman v. Alabama Forestry Commission 1994
Stone v. Consolidated Publishing Co 1981
Water Works & Sewer Board of the City of Talladega v. Consolidated Publishing Inc. 2004

For more information, see: Alabama Public Records Law or Alabama sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Anchorage School District v. Anchorage Daily News 1989
Brady v. State of Alaska 1998
Capital Information Group v. Office of the Governor 1996
City of Kenai v. Kenai Peninsula Newspapers 1982
Doe v. Superior Court 1986
Fuller v. City of Homer 2003
Gwich'in Steering Committee v. Office of the Governor 2000
Municipality of Anchorage v. Anchorage Daily News 1990

For more information, see: Alaska Public Records Act or Alaska sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Arizona Newspapers Inc. v. Superior Court 1985
Carlson v. Pima County 1984
City of Prescott v. Town of Chino Valley 1990
Cox Arizona Publications Inc. v. Collins 1993
Lake v. City of Phoenix 2009
Mathews v. Pyle 1952

For more information, see: Arizona Public Records Law or Arizona sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Arkansas Gazette Co. v. Southern State College 1981
Arkansas Hwy. & Transp. Dep't v. Hope Brick Works Inc. 1988
Bryant v. Mars 1992
City of Fayetteville v. Edmark 1990
Kristen Investment Properties, LLC v. Beaverfork Volunteer Fire Department 2000
Laman v. McCord 1968
Legislative Joint Auditing Committee v. Woosley 1987
North Central Association of Colleges & Schools v. Troutt Brothers, Inc. 1977
Ragland v. Yeargan 1986
Rehabilitation Hospital Services Corporation v. Delta-Hills Health Systems, Agency, Inc. 1985
Republican Party of Arkansas v. State ex rel. Hall 1966
Scott v. Smith 1987
Sebastian County Chapter of American Red Cross v. Weatherford 1993
Swaney v. Tilford 1995

For more information, see: Arkansas Freedom of Information Act or Arkansas sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Adler v. City Council of Culver City 1960
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation v. Deukmejian 1982
American Federation of State etc. Employees v. Regents of University of California 1978
Bakersfield City School Dist. v. Superior Court 2004
Braun v. City of Taft 1984
CBS Broadcasting v. Superior Court 2001
CBS Inc. v. Block 1986
California State University, Fresno Assn., Inc. v. Superior Court 2001
Californians Aware v. Orange Unified School District 2006
Chronicle Publishing Company v. Superior Court 1960
Citizens for a Better Environment v. Dept. of Food & Agriculture 1985
City & County of San Francisco v. Superior Court 1951
City of Hemet v. Superior Court 1995
Cohan v. City of Thousand Oaks 1994
Coronado Police Officers Association v. Carroll 2003
County of Los Angeles v. Superior Court 1993
Desert Sun v. Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention and Visitors Authority 2005
Dixon v. Superior Court 2009
Epstein v. Hollywood Entertainment Dist. II Business Improvement Dist. 2001
International Longshoremen's & Warehousemen's Union v. Los Angeles Export Terminal, Inc. 1999
Lorig v. Medical Board 2000
Mushet v. Department of Public Service of City of Los Angeles 1917
Register Div. of Freedom Newspapers Inc. v. County of Orange 1984
San Gabriel Tribune v. Superior Court 1983
State Board of Equalization v. Superior Court 1992
Times Mirror Co. v. Superior Court 1991
Versaci v. Superior Court 2005
Williams v. Superior Court 1993

For more information, see: California Public Records Act or California sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
CFI Steel v. Office of Air Pollution Control 2003
Cole v. State of Colorado 1983
Dawson v. State Compensation Insurance Authority 1990
Denver Post v. Ritter 2008
Denver Post v. Stapleton Development 2000
Denver Post v. University of Colorado 1987
Downing v. Brown 1877
Freedom Newspapers v. Colorado Springs 1987
Glenwood Post v. City of Glenwood Springs 1986
Hudspeth v. Board of County Commissioners 1983
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers v. Denver Metropolitan Major League Baseball Stadium District 1994
Times-Call Publishing Co. Inc. v. Wingfield 1966
Wick v. Montrose County Board of County Commissioners 2003
Zubeck v. El Paso County Retirement Plan 1998

For more information, see: Colorado Open Records Act or Colorado sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Board of Trustees of Woodstock Academy v. FOIC 1980
Coalition to Save Horsebarn Hill v. FOIC 2002
Connecticut Humane Society v. FOIC 1991
Domestic Violence Services. v. FOIC 1998
Hallas v. FOIC 1989
Lieberman v. State Board of Labor Relations 1990
Shew v. FOIC 1998
Valvo v. Freedom of Information Commission 2010
Wilson v. Freedom of Information Commission 1980

For more information, see: Connecticut Freedom of Information Act or Connecticut sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Delaware Solid Waste Authority v. News-Journal Co. 1984
Guy v. Judicial Nominating Commission 1995
Lee v. Minner 2006
New Castle County Vocational-Technical Education Association v. Board of Education 1978
News-Journal Co. v. Billingsley 1980

For more information, see: Delaware Freedom of Information Act or Delaware sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Bundy v. State of Florida 1984
Florida Freedom Newspapers v. McCrary 1988
Lorenzo v. City of Venice 2008
McCarthy v. Town of Windermere 2010
Miami Herald Publishing Company v. Lewis 1982
News and Sun-Sentinel Company v. Schwab, Twitty, & Hanser Architecture Group 1992
Palm Beach Newspapers Inc. v. Burk 1987
Parsons & Whittemore, Inc. v. Metro. Dade County 1983
Shevin v. Byron, Harless, Schaffer, Reid and Associates 1980
Times Publishing Co. v. Williams 1969
Vanette Webb v. School Board of Escambia County 2009
Wait v. Florida Power & Light 1979

For more information, see: Florida Sunshine Law or Florida sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Athens Newspapers, Inc., et al. v. Classic Center Authority for Clarke County 1989
Atlanta Journal and Constitution v. Long 1988
Atlanta Journal v. Babush 1988
Atlanta Journal v. Hill 1987
Beck v. Crisp County Zoning Board of Appeals 1996
Brennan v. Commissioners of Chatham County 1993
Bryan County Board of Equalization v. Bryan County Board of Tax Assessors 2001
Camden County v. Haddock 1999
City of Atlanta v. Pacific & Southern Company, Inc. 1987
City of Helen v. White County News 1996
Claxton Enterprise v. Evans County Board of Commissioners 2001
Crosland v. Butts County Board of Zoning Appeals 1994
Davis v. City of Macon 1992
Davis v. Shavers 1994
Deriso v. Cooper 1980
Dozier v. Norris 1978
Evans County Board of Commissioners v. The Claxton Enterprise 2002
Fathers Are Parents Too v. Hunstein 1992
Goddard v. City of Albany 2009
Green v. Drinnon 1992
Guthrie v. Dalton City School District 1994
Hackworth v. Board of Education 1994
Harms v. Adams 1977
Jersawitz v. Fortson 1994
Johnson v. Nicely 1988
Kilgore v. RW Page Corporation 1989
Kilgore v. RW Page Corporation, 1991 1991
Macon Telegraph v. City of Forsyth 1988
Maxwell v. Carney 2001
McLarty v. Board of Regents 1973
Moon v. Terrell County et al. 2001
News Publishing Company d/b/a Rome News-Tribune v. Board of Education of the City of Rome 1991
Newsome v. City of Union Point 1982
Northside Realty Association v. Community Relations Commission 1977
Northwest Georgia Health System, Inc. v. Times-Journal, Inc. 1995
Parker v. Lee 1989
Phillips v. Hawthorne 1998
Red & Black Publishing Company v. Board of Regents 1993
Schoen v. Cherokee County 2000
State of Georgia v. Kennedy 1985
Steele v. Honea 1991
Times-Journal, Inc., d/b/a Marietta Daily Journal v. Cobb County, et al. 1989
Walker v. City of Warner Robins 1992
Wiggins v. The Board of Commissioners of Tift County, GA 2002
Worthy v. Paulding County Hospital Authority 1979

For more information, see: Georgia Open Records Act or Georgia sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Burnham Broadcasting Co. v. County of Hawaii 1992
Kamakana v. City & County of Honolulu 2006

For more information, see: Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act or Hawaii sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Federated Publications Inc. v. Boise City 1996

For more information, see: Idaho Public Records Act or Idaho sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
AFSCME v. Cook County 1990
Board of Regents of the Regency University System v. Reynard 1997
Carrigan v. Harkrader 1986
Duncan Publishing v. City of Chicago 1999
Family Life League v. Department of Public Aid 1986
Kenyon v. Garrels 1989
Lieber v. Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University 1996
Mark O. Stern v. Wheaton-Warrenville Community Unity School District 200 2009
People ex. rel. Gibson v. Peller 1962
People ex rel. Ulrich v. Stukel 1997
Rockford Newspapers Inc. v. Northern Illinois Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency 1978
Roulette v. Department of Central Mgmt. Servs 1986

For more information, see: Illinois Freedom of Information Act or Illinois sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Gallagher v. Marion County Victim Advocate Program, Inc. 1980
Indiana Civil Liberties Union v. Indiana Gen. Assembly 1986
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Ass'n Inc. v. Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc. 1991
Indianapolis Star v. Trustees of Indiana University 2003
Pigman v. Evansville Press 1989
Riggin v. Board of Trustees of Ball State University 1986
State ex rel. Colescott v. King 1900

For more information, see: Indiana Access to Public Records Act or Indiana sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
City of Dubuque v. Telegraph Herald Inc. 1980
City of Sioux City v. Greater Sioux City Press Club 1988
Des Moines Register & Tribune Co. v. Osmundson 1976
Dubuque v. Dubuque Racing Association, Ltd 1988
Gannon and Nichols v. Iowa Board of Regents 2005
Howard v. Des Moines Register & Tribune Co. 1979
Iowa Civil Rights Commission v. City of Des Moines 1981
KMEG Television Inc. v. Iowa State Board of Regents 1989
Linder v. Eckard 1967
Northeast Council on Substance Abuse Inc. v. Iowa Dept. of Public Health, Div. of Substance Abuse 1994

For more information, see: Iowa Open Records Law or Iowa sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Cypress Media v. City of Overland Park 2000
Memorial Hospital Association Inc. v. Knutsen 1986
O'Hair v. USD 300 1990
State, ex rel. Stephen v. Harder 1982
State of Kansas v. USD 305 1988
State v. Sedgwick County Commissioners 1989
Stephens v. Van Arsdale 1980

For more information, see: Kansas Open Records Act or Kansas sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Bowling v. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government 2005
Courier-Journal v. City of Louisville 2006
Courier-Journal v. Kentucky High School Athletics Association 2005
Courier-Journal v. University of Louisville Foundation 2005
Kentucky Central v. Park Broadcasting 1996
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government v. Lexington Herald-Leader Co. 1997
Skaggs v. Redford 1992
Zink v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Workers' Claims, Labor Cabinet 1994

For more information, see: Kentucky Open Records Act or Kentucky sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Angelo Iafrate Constr., L.L.C. v. State of Louisiana 2004
Association of Rights of Citizens v. St. Bernard 1990
Bester v. Louisiana Supreme Court Commission on Bar Admissions 2000
Broderick v. State, Department of Environmental Quality 2000
Burkett v. UDS Management 1999
Capital City Press v. East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council 1997
Common Cause v. Morial 1987
Diggs v. Pennington 2003
Eastbank Consolidated Special Service Fire Protection District v. Crossen 2005
Elliott v. District Attorney of Baton Rouge 1995
First Commerce Title Co. Inc. v. Martin 2005
Hatfield v. Bush (I) 1989
Hatfield v. Bush (II) 1990
Hill v. East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Emergency Medical Services 2006
Hill v. Mamoulides 1986
Hilliard v. Litchfield 2002
Joseph v. Hospital Service District No. 2 of the Parish of St. Mary 2001
Kyle v. Perrilloux 2003
Landis v. Moreau 2001
Local 100, SEIU v. Smith 2003
Louisiana Supreme Court Commission on Bar Admissions v. Roberts 2001
Phillips v. Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University 1980
Plaquemines Parish Council v. Petrovich 1994
Reeves v. Orleans Parish School Board 1973
St. Mary Anesthesia Association Inc. v. Hospital Service District No. 2 of Parish of St. Mary 2001
State of Louisiana v. Jean 2003
State of Louisiana v. Nicholls College Foundation 1992
Times Picayune Publishing Corp. v. Board of Supervisors 2003
Vourvoulias v. Movassaghi 2005

For more information, see: Louisiana Public Records Act or Louisiana sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Town of Burlington v. Hospital Administrative District No. 1 2001

For more information, see: Maine Freedom of Access Act or Maine sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
A. S. Abell Publishing Co. v. Mezzanote 1983
Belt v. Prince George's Co 1890
City of Baltimore Development Corporation v. Carmel Realty Associates 2006
City of New Carrollton v. Rogers 1980
Community and Labor United for Baltimore Charter Committee (CLUB) v. Baltimore City Board of Elections 2003
Faulk v. State's Attorney for Harford County 1984
Hamilton v. Verdow 1980
Pressman v. Elgin 1946

For more information, see: Maryland Public Information Act or Maryland sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Attorney General v. School Committee of Northampton 1978
Bello v. South Shore Hospital 1981
Bougas v. Chief of Police of Lexington 1976
Connelly v. School Committee of Hanover 1991
District Attorney for the Plymouth District v. Board of Selectmen of Middleborough 1985
Gerstein v. Superintendent Search Screening Committee 1989
Ghiglione v. School Committee of Southbridge 1978
Globe Newspaper Co. v. Boston Retirement Board 1983
Hastings & Sons Publishing Co. v. City Treasurer of Lynn 1978
Pearson v. Board of Health of Chicopee 1988
Pottle v. School Committee of Braintree 1985
Yaro v. Board of Appeals of Newburyport 1980

For more information, see: Massachusetts Public Records Act or Massachusetts sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Booth Newspapers Inc. v. Muskegon Probate Judge 1968
Booth Newspapers Inc. v. University of Michigan Board of Regents 1993
Bradley v Saranac Community Schools Board of Education
Breighner v. Michigan High School Athletic Assoc. 2004
Burton v. Tuite 1889
Detroit Free Press v. City of Allen Park 2005
Detroit Free Press v. City of Detroit 2005
Detroit Free Press v. Michigan Attorney General 2005
Detroit News v. Policemen and Firemen Retirement System 2002
Federated Publications, Inc. v. Board of Trustees of Michigan State University 1999
Herald Co. v Ann Arbor Public Schools
Herald Co. v Bay City
Howell Education Association v. Howell Board of Education 2010
Jackson v. Eastern Michigan University 1996
Kubick v. Child and Family Services of Michigan Inc 1988
Mullin v. Detroit Police Dept. 1984
Nowack v. Auditor General 1928
Proctor v. White Lake Police Dept. 2001
State Defender Union Employees v Legal Aid & Defender Association of Detroit 1998
State Employees Association v. Dept. of Management and Budget 1987
Swickard v. Wayne County Medical Examiner 1991

For more information, see: Michigan Freedom of Information Act or Michigan sunshine lawsuits.


We do not currently have any pages on litigation in Minnesota.

For more information, see: Minnesota Data Practices Act or Minnesota sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Board of Trustees v. Mississippi Publishers Corporation 1985
Citizens for Equal Property Rights v. Board of Supervisors of Lowndes Co. 1998
Clarion-Ledger v. Entergy Mississippi 2005
Delta Democrat Times v. Greenville 1986
Logan v. Mississippi Abstract Co. 1941
Mayor and Aldermen v. Vicksburg Printing & Publishing Co. 1983
Pollard v. State of Mississippi 1967
Roberts v. Mississippi Republican Party State Executive Comm. 1985
Shipman v. North Panola Consolidated School District 1994
W. T. Rawleigh Co. v. Hester 1941

For more information, see: Mississippi Public Records Act or Mississippi sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Librach v. Cooper 1989
North Kansas City Hospital Board of Trustees v. St. Luke's Northland Hospital 1998
Remington v. City of Boonville 1985
Tuft v. City of St. Louis 1995

For more information, see: Missouri Sunshine Law or Missouri sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Becky v. Butte-Silver Bow Sch. Dist. 1 1995
Bryan v. Yellowstone County Elementary School District No. 2 2002
Common Cause v. Statutory Committee 1994
Great Falls Tribune Co. Inc. v. Day 1998
Great Falls Tribune v. Public Schools 1992
Missoulian v. Board of Regents 1984

For more information, see: Montana Public Records Act or Montana sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Grein v. Board of Education 1984
Nixon v. Madison County Agricultural Society 1984
State ex rel. Upper Republican Natural Resources District v. District Judges of the District Court for Chase County 2007

For more information, see: Nebraska Public Records Law or Nebraska sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
DR Partners v. Board of County Commissioners of Clark County 2000
Del Papa v. Board Of Regents Of The University and Community College System Of Nevada 2000
Donrey of Nevada v. Bradshaw 1990
Mulford v. Davey 1947
Neal v. Griepentrog 1992
State of Nevada v. Grimes 1906

For more information, see: Nevada Open Records Act or Nevada sunshine lawsuits.

New Hampshire

"Lawsuit Year
Bradbury v. Shaw 1976
Professional Firefighters of N.H. v. Healthtrust Inc. 2004
Union Leader Corporation v. NH Housing Finance Authority 1997

For more information, see: New Hampshire Right to Know Law or New Hampshire sunshine lawsuits.

New Jersey

"Lawsuit Year
Asbury Park Press v. New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation 2005
Asbury Park Press v. Ocean County Prosecutor's Office 2004
Asbury Park Press v. Township of Neptune Sewerage Authority 2005
Burnett (Cimino) v. Gloucester County 2010
Fair Share Housing Center v. New Jersey League of Municipalities 2010
Gannett New Jersey Partners v. County of Middlesex 2005
Gench v. Hunterdon County 2010
Monmouth County v. Asbury Park Press 2010
Nero v. Hyland 1978
Polillo v. Deane 1977
Times of Trenton v. Lafayette Yard CDC 2005

For more information, see: New Jersey Open Public Records Act or New Jersey sunshine lawsuits.

New Mexico

"Lawsuit Year
Carlsbad Current-Argus and New Mexico Foundation for Open Government v. City of Carlsbad 2005
Republican Party v. New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department 2010
State, ex rel. Attorney General v. First Judicial District Court 1981

For more information, see: New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act or New Mexico sunshine lawsuits.

New York

"Lawsuit Year
Buffalo News v. Buffalo Enterprise Development Corporation 1994
Buffalo News v. Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority 1990
COMPS v. Town of Islip 2006
Capital Newspapers v. Burns 1986
Capital Newspapers v. Whalen 1987
Daily Gazette v. Schenectady 1999
Fink v. Lefkowitz 1979
Kryston v. Board of Education, East Ramapo School District 1980
Lucas v. Pastor 1986
Muniz v. Roth 1994
New York News v. Grinker 1989
New York News v. Staten Island 1995
Newsday v. State Department of Transportation 2004
Perez v. City Univ. of New York 2005
Russo v. Nassau Community College 1993
Scott, Sardano &. Pomeranz v Records Access Officer 1985
Washington Post v. Insurance Department 1984
Westchester Rockland Newspapers v. Kimball 1980
Whitehead v. Morgenthau 1990
Zaleski v. Hicksville Union Free School District 1978

For more information, see: New York Freedom of Information Law or New York sunshine lawsuits.

North Carolina

"Lawsuit Year
City of Burlington v. Boney Publishers 2004
Coats v. Sampson County Memorial Hospital, Inc. 1965
Maready v. City of Winston-Salem 1996
McCormick v. Hanson Aggregates Southeast 2004
News & Observer v. Interim Board of Education for Wake County 1976
News and Observer Publishing Co. v. Wake County Hospital System 1981
Student Bar Association v. Byrd 1977

For more information, see: North Carolina Public Records Law or North Carolina sunshine lawsuits.

North Dakota

"Lawsuit Year
City of Grand Forks v. Grand Forks Herald 1981
Forum Publishing Company v. City of Fargo 1986
Grand Forks Herald v. Lyons 1960

For more information, see: North Dakota Open Records Statute or North Dakota sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Beacon Journal Publishing Co. v. City of Akron 1965
State ex rel. Cincinnati Enquirer v. Krings 2001
State ex rel. Fostoria Daily Review Co. v. Fostoria Hospital Association 1988
State ex rel. Freedom Communications Inc. v. Elida Community Fire Company 1998
State ex rel. Plain Dealer v. Cleveland 1996
State ex rel. Steffen v. Kraft 1993
State ex rel. Toledo Blade v. University of Toledo Foundation 1992
State ex rel. WBNS TV Inc. v. Dues 2004
State ex rel. Warren Newspapers Inc. v. Hutson 1994
State of Ohio v. Allen 2005
TBC Westlake Inc. v. Hamilton County Board of Revision 1998
The Cincinnati Enquirer v. Walter Handy and Malcolm Adcock 2005
Wells v. Lewis 1901

For more information, see: Ohio Open Records Law or Ohio sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
City of Lawton v. Moore 1993
International Association of Firefighters, Local No. 2479 v. Thorpe 1981
Oklahoma City News Broadcasters Association Inc. v. Nigh 1984
Oklahoma Pub. Co. v. City of Moore 1984
Sanders v. Benton 1978
State of Oklahoma v. Migliaccio 1996
Tulsa Tribune Co. v. Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission 1986

For more information, see: Oklahoma Open Records Act or Oklahoma sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Davis v. Walker 1991
Gray v. Salem-Keizer School District 1996
In Defense of Animals v. OHSU 2005
Mail Tribune v. Michael Winters 2008
Marks v. McKenzie High School Fact Finding Team 1994
McEwan v. Holm 1961

For more information, see: Oregon Public Records Law or Oregon sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Harristown Development Corporation v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1992
Judge v. Pocius 1977
Pennsylvania State Police v. Office of Open Records 2010
Pocono Record v. ESU Foundation 2010

For more information, see: Pennsylvania Right to Know Law or [[Pennsylvania sunshine lawsuits]

Rhode Island

"Lawsuit Year
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees v. Office of the Governor 2010
Providence Journal Co. v. Sundlun 1992

For more information, see: Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act or Rhode Island sunshine lawsuits.

South Carolina

"Lawsuit Year
Quality Towing Inc. v. City of Myrtle Beach 2001
Weston v. Carolina Research and Development Foundation 1991

For more information, see: South Carolina Freedom of Information Act or South Carolina sunshine lawsuits.

South Dakota

We do not currently have any pages on litigation in South Dakota. To add some see our [[Sunshine Review:WikiProject Sunshine litigation|Sunshine litigation project page.

For more information, see: South Dakota Sunshine Law or South Dakota sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Cleveland Newspapers, Inc. v. Bradley County Memorial Hospital 1981
Dorrier v. Dark 1976
Mayhew v. Wilde 2001
Memphis Publishing Co. v. Cherokee Children & Family Services 2002
Memphis Publishing Co. v. City of Memphis 1974
Memphis Publishing Co. v. Holt 1986
State ex rel. Wellford v. Williams 1903
Swift v. Campbell 2004
Tennessean v. Bureau of TennCare 2005
Tennessean v. Electric Power Board of Nashville 1998
Tennessean v. Tennessee Department of Personnel 2007
The Tennessean v. Powers Management/Allen v. Day 2006

For more information, see: Tennessee Open Records Act or Tennessee sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Avinash Rangra; Anna Monclova v. Frank D. Brown 2009
Blankenship v. Brazos Higher Education Authority 1998
City of Abilene v. Shackelford 1978
City of Garland v. Dallas Morning News 1999
Dallas v. Abbott 2010
Gill v. Snow 1982
Jenkins v. State of Texas 1903
Palacios v. Corbett 1915
Tovar v. Texas 1998

For more information, see: Texas Public Information Act or Texas sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Deseret News Publishing Co. v. Utah Department of Public Safety 1992
Fox Television Stations Inc. v. Clary 1996
Graham v. Davis County Solid Waste Management & Energy Recovery Special Service District 1999
Jolley v. Utah State Senate 1996
KSL-TV v. Juab County Sheriff's Office 1998
KUTV Inc. v. Utah State Board of Education 1984
Scripps League Newspapers v. City of Orem 1996

For more information, see: Utah Government Records Access and Management Act or Utah sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Clement v. Graham 1906
Matte v. City of Winooski 1970
State of Vermont v. Edgar Whitney 2005
State v. Vermont Emergency Board 1978
Trombley v. Bellows Falls Union High School District 1992

For more information, see: Vermont Public Records Law or Vermont sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Gannett v. Department of Health and Social Services 2005
McBurney and Hurlbert v. McDonnell 2009

For more information, see: Virginia Freedom of Information Act or Virginia sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
ACLU v. City of Seattle 2009
Brouillet v. Cowles Publishing 1990
Cathcart v. Andersen 1974
City of Federal Way v. Koenig 2009
Cowles Publishing Co. v. Murphy 1981
Hangartner v. City of Seattle 2004
Harold Carey v. Mason County 2009
Hearst Corp. v. Hoppe 1978
Laborers Int'l Union Local No. 374 v. City of Aberdeen 1982
Nast v. Michels 1986
O'Neill v. City of Shoreline 2008
Progressive Animal Welfare Society v. University of Washington 1994
Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound v. City of Des Moines 2009
Soter v. Cowles Publishing 2007
Telford v. Thurston County Board of Commissioners 1999
Wood v. Battle Ground School District 2001
Yousoufian v. Office of Ron Sims 2009

For more information, see: Washington Public Records Act or Washington sunshine lawsuits.

West Virginia

"Lawsuit Year
4-H Road Com. v. W.Va. Univ. Foundation 1989
Affiiliated Construction Trades Foundation v. Regional Jail And Correctional Authority 1997
Appalachian Power Co. v. Public Service Commission 1979
Casto v. Board of Education 1894
Charleston Gazette v. City of Charleston 1998
Charleston Mail Association v. Kelly 1965
Child Protection Group v. Cline 1986
Daily Gazette v. West Virginia Board of Medicine 1986
Daily Gazette v. West Virginia Development Office 1996
Daily Gazette v. West Virginia State Bar 1984
Daily Gazette v. Withrow 1986
Hechler v. Casey 1985
Maclay v Jones 2000
McComas v. Board of Education of Fayette County 1996
Ogden Newspapers v. City of Charleston 1994
Queen v. W. Va. University Hospitals 1987
Richardson v. Town of Kimball 1986
State ex rel. Herald Mail Co. v. Hamilton 1980
State of West Virginia v. Brotherton 2003
State of West Virginia v. Harrison 1947
The Associated Press v. Canterbury 2009
Thompson v. W. Va. Board of Osteopathy 1994
Withrow v. Surface 1931

For more information, see: West Virginia Freedom of Information Act or West Virginia sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Armada Broadcasting, Inc. v. Stirn 1994
Cavey v. Walrath 1999
Hathaway v. Green Bay School District 1984
Hempel v. City of Baraboo 2005
International Union, UAW v. Gooding 1947
Lautenschlager v. Gunderson 2008
Linzmeyer v. D.J. Forcey 2002
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel v. Department of Administration 2008
Newspapers Inc. v. Breier 1979
Sands v. Whitnall School District 2008
State ex rel. Newspapers Inc. v. Showers 1987
State of Wisconsin v. Beaver Dam Area Development Corporation 2008
WIREdata, Inc. v. Village of Sussex 2008
Watton v. Hegerty 2008
Wisconsin Newspress, Inc. v. School District of Sheboygan Falls 1996
Woznicki v. Erickson 1996
Zellner v. Cedarburg School District 2007
Zellner v. Herrick 2009

For more information, see: Wisconsin Open Records Law or Wisconsin sunshine lawsuits.


"Lawsuit Year
Allsop v. Cheyenne Newspapers 2002
Freudenthal v. Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc. 2010
Houghton v. Franscell 1994
Laramie River Conservation Council v. Dinger 1977
Record-Times, Inc. v. Town of Wheatland 1982
Sheridan Newspapers v. City of Sheridan 1983
Sublette County Rural Healthcare District v. Miley 1997
University of Wyoming v. Gressley 1999
Williams v. Stafford 1979
Workers Compensation Claim of Decker v. State of Wyoming 2008
Wyoming Department of Transportation v. International Union of Operating Engineers Local Union 800 1995
Wyoming Tribune Eagle v. Governor Dave Freudenthal 2010

For more information, see: Wyoming Sunshine Law or Wyoming sunshine lawsuits.