Majority of Delaware legislative leadership to remain in same positions

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November 29, 2010

DOVER, Delaware: Familiar faces will be leading the Delaware General Assembly when the 2011 session convenes in January. The Senate Democratic[1] and Republican[2] caucuses both voted to keep all current leaders in their positions. President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca must wait for a vote from the full Senate, but as Democrats hold a solid majority, the vote will be more of a formality. Thus, Senate leadership will remain as follows:

Office Representative Party
President of the Senate Matthew Denn Electiondot.png Democratic
President Pro Tempore Anthony DeLuca Electiondot.png Democratic
State Senate Majority Leader Patricia Blevins Electiondot.png Democratic
State Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry Electiondot.png Democratic
State Senate Minority Leader F. Gary Simpson Ends.png Republican
State Senate Minority Whip Liane Sorenson Ends.png Republican

The House Democratic Caucus voted to return all current leaders to their positions. Speaker Robert Gilligan must wait for a full vote by the House before being confirmed.[3] The House Republican Caucus will meet December 7 to select a minority leader and minority whip. Richard Cathcart, who served as minority leader for the 2010 session, retired, leaving the position open. 2010 House minority whip Daniel Short won re-election and plans to remain a leader.[4] Currently, House leadership for the 2011 session is as follows:

Position Representative Party
State Speaker of the House Robert Gilligan Electiondot.png Democratic
State House Majority Leader Peter Schwartzkopf Electiondot.png Democratic
State House Majority Whip Valerie Longhurst Electiondot.png Democratic
State House Minority Leader Ends.png Republican
State House Minority Whip Ends.png Republican


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