Malabar Town Charter Amendments, 4 (November 2010)

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Five Malabar Town Charter Amendment measures were on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the town of Malabar, which is in Brevard County.

All four measures were approved

The first amendment sought to make it so that is an appointment is made to a vacated office, the time spent in the office does not count towards a regular term limit for the person filling the vacant position.

  • YES 633 (61.28%) Approveda
  • NO 400 (38.72%)

The second amendment sought to make it so that a special election must be held if a position is left vacant for more than a year.

  • YES 680 (64.09%) Approveda
  • NO 381 (35.91%}

The third amendment asked if the city should continue to be a part of the Brevard County Law Enforcement group.

  • YES 883 (82.99%) Approveda
  • NO 181 (17.09%)

The fourth and fifth measures were non-binding and just asked residents if they would support purchases of town land by the Environmentally Endangered Land group.[1]

  • YES 556 (50.68%) Approveda
  • NO 541 (49.32%)[2]