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Manchester School District, New Hampshire

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Manchester School District
Manchester, Massachusetts
Manchester School District logo.jpg
District Profile
Superintendent:Debra Livingston
Enrollment:15,536 students
Graduation rate:73.6%
Number of schools:23
Budget: $159.6 million
Website:School Home Page
Board of Education
Board president:Ted Gatsas
Board members:15
Term length:2
Manchester School District is a school district in New Hampshire that serves the city of Manchester. It is the largest school district in New Hampshire, serving 15,536 students in 23 schools.[1][2]

About the district

Manchester School District is located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Manchester School District is located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. The county seats of Hillsborough County are Manchester and Nashua. According to the 2010 US Census, Hillsborough County is home to 402,922 residents.[3]


Hillsborough County outperformed the rest of New Hampshire in terms of its poverty rate, median rates of average household income and higher education achievement in 2011. The poverty rate in Hillsborough County was 7.5% compared to 8.0% for the entire state. The median household income in Hillsborough County was $70,591 compared to $64,664 for the state of New Hampshire. The US Census also found that 34.6% of Hillsborough County residents aged 25 years and older attained a Bachelor's degree compared to 33.1% in New Hampshire.[3]

Racial Demographics, 2012[3]
Race Hillsborough County (%) New Hampshire (%)
White 91.9 94.4
African American 2.5 1.4
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.3 0.3
Asian 3.5 2.4
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.1 0.1
Two or More Races 1.7 1.5
Hispanic or Latino 5.6 3.0

Party Affiliation, 2013[4]
Party New Hampshire Registered Voters  % of Total
Democratic 239,959 27.35
Republican 265,348 30.23
Undeclared 372,340 42.42

Note: The United States Census Bureau considers "Hispanic or Latino" to be a place of origin, not a race. Therefore, the Census allows citizens to report both their race and that they are from a "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin simultaneously. As a result, the percentages in each column of the racial demographics table will exceed 100 percent. Each column will add up to 100 percent after removing the "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin percentages, although rounding by the Census Bureau may make the total one- or two-tenths off from being exactly 100 percent.[5] This Ballotpedia page provides a more detailed explanation of how the Census Bureau handles race and ethnicity in its surveys.


The superintendent of Manchester School District is Dr. Debra Livingston, who was appointed by the board on June 8, 2013, through a unanimous vote.[6] Livingston began her career as an educator at the Socorro Independent School District in El Paso, Texas.[7] At Socorro, she served as a teacher, principal, director of secondary education, and executive director of curriculum and instruction.[7] Before joining Manchester School District, Livingston served as superintendent for the Fall Mountain Regional School District.

School board

Manchester School District is overseen by a 15-member board, fourteen of whom are elected to two-year terms. Manchester's mayor formally serves as the fifteenth member and Chairman of the board. Twelve members are elected by geographic wards in the district, while two members and the mayor are elected at-large by the district as a whole.[8]

Manchester Board of School Committee
Member District Term Ends
Ted Gatsas Mayor N/A
Kathy Staub At-large 2015
David M. Wihby At-large 2015
Sarah S. Ambrogi Ward 1 2015
Debra G. Langton Ward 2 2015
Chris Stewart Ward 3 2015
Amy L. Bradley Ward 4 2015
Ted Rokas Ward 5 2015
Robyn M. Dunphy Ward 6 2015
Ross Terrio Ward 7 2015
Erika Connors Ward 8 2015
Arthur J. Beaudry Ward 9 2015
John B. Avard Ward 10 2015
Katie Desrochers Ward 11 2015
Constance VanHouten Ward 12 2015

School board elections

See also: Manchester School District elections (2013)

Members of the Manchester Board of School Committee are elected to two-year terms. The primary election was held on September 17, 2013, and the general election was held on November 5, 2013. Fourteen seats were up for election in 2013 and 14 seats will be up for election in 2015.


The table below displays the budget for Manchester School District:[9]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2012-2013 $111,861,559 73.5% $0 0% $27,877,475 18.3% $12,477,966 8.2% $0 0% $152,217,000
2013-2014 $115,892,144 73.9% $0 0% $28,649,541 18.3% $12,182,764 7.8% $0 0% $156,724,449
2014-2015 $117,632,716 73.7% $0 0% $28,864,494 18.1% $13,065,470 8.2% $0 0% $159,562,680
Averages: $115,128,806.33 74% $0 0% $28,463,836.67 18% $12,575,400 8% $0 0% $156,168,043

Teacher salaries

The current contract between the Manchester Board of School Committee and the Manchester Education Association runs 2009-2013.[10]

Salary Schedule
Year Lowest Base Salary ($) Highest Potential Salary ($)
2009-2010 31,793 65,335
2010-2011 33,077 68,531
2011-2012 33,904 70,244
2012-2013 34,751 72,000


Educators of Manchester School District are represented by the Manchester Education Association, which is part of the National Education Association.[11]

Schools in Manchester


Manchester School District serves 15,536 students in 23 schools. The district has experienced a decrease in enrollment in recent years.[1]

Total Enrollment
Year Enrollment Year-to-year Change (%)
2006-2007 17,119 N/A
2007-2008 16,266 -4.98
2008-2009 15,961 -1.88
2009-2010 15,773 -1.18
2010-2011 15,717 -0.36
2011-2012 15,536 -1.15

District schools

New Bedford Public Schools operates 23 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[2]

New Bedford Public Schools
School Name
Bakersville School
Beech School
Central School
Gossler Park School
Green Acres School
Hallsville School
Highland-Goffe's Falls School
Hillside School
Jewett School
McDonough School
McLaughlin School
Memorial School
MST School
Northwest School
Parker-Varney School
Parkside School
Selma Deitch Early Learning School
Smyth School
Southside School
Webster School
West School
Weston School
Wilson School

Academic performance

Manchester School District tested at a level below the state averages for 2010-2011. More than half of Manchester students tested below "Proficient" in mathematics, writing, and science.[12]

Achievement Level Reading Reading Mathematics Mathematics Writing Writing Science Science
District State District State District State District State
Substantially Below Proficient (%) 15 7 29 15 12 6 34 19
Partially Proficient (%) 25 17 22 18 42 37 44 45
Proficient (%) 48 56 36 44 39 46 20 35
Proficient with Distinction (%) 12 21 12 22 4 9 1 1
Testing Participation (%) 99 99 99 99 98 99 98 99


District audit

On June 26, 2013, Curriculum Management Systems published its audit of the Manchester School District. The district spent $40,000 to commission the report, which criticized the size of the fifteen-member school board and its two-year terms as causes of instability in the district.[13] The audit states that, "Declining student enrollment, funding reductions, board disharmony, aging school facilities, and disparities in student performance have been long-standing issues facing the district."[14] The auditors acknowledge that, "the educational program a student experiences at one school may differ widely from the education a student receives at another school," and recommend that the school board create "written policies, plans, and procedures to provide a foundation for a consistent educational program" across the district.[14] Board member Arthur J. Beaudry did not agree with all of the findings and recommendations in the audit, arguing that, "The board is reluctant to pursue big changes too much because that's seen as micromanaging. So they back up, or at least some board members do."[13]

Common Core

On April 29, 2013, the school board voted to approve an $83,900 contract to train district elementary and middle school teachers in the Common Core standards for English and math.[15] Local education activist Deborah Olszta criticized the vote and Common Core, stating, "Every student in the country is going to be doing same thing at same time. China can do this sort of thing, but in America, this is supposed to be an open and free-thinking society."[15] Debra G. Langton and Arthur J. Beaudry voted against the contract, with Langton questioning the necessity of the contract in light of existing budgetary issues in the district.[15]

Online classes

In 2012, former Superintendent Dr. Thomas J. Brennan, Jr. advocated expanded use of online course offerings as a means to increase technology literacy and to alleviate overcrowding, which was caused by recent budget cuts in the district.[16] Citizens for Manchester Schools advocacy group President Jim O’Connell criticized the proposal and claimed that it was "a postage stamp, a fig leaf, to cover the fact that politicians in our city will not increase taxes to fund our schools."[16] Dr. Brennan defended the proposal and argued, "It deals with the reality of budgets and the limited resources we have, and the need for students and school districts to catch up with technology."[16]

Contact information

Manchester School District logo.jpg

Board of School Committee
Manchester School District - SAU #37
195 McGregor St.
Suite 201
Manchester, NH 03102
Phone: 603-624-6300
Fax: 603-624-6337

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