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March 8 elections in Florida, Arizona, Oregon and California see most measures approved

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March 8, 2011

Local elections were held in Arizona, Oregon, Florida and California. Not many questions were asked, in Arizona issues were reported for Maricopa County, where all seven questions asked were approved by voters. In Oregon, two questions were asked in three counties, in both Clackamas and Washington counties a Tualatin Park Charter Amendment was approved and in Marion county a Keizer City question was defeated. In Florida, six counties had questions regarding charter amendments, 41 of 42 amendments were approved by local voters. in California, nine counties had questions for voters with 21 total measures (plus four recall questions) and 14 which were approved.

Many other municipalities held elections for city or county officials.

Though odd numbered years usually have fewer numbers of questions proposed, later primary elections in these states will hold fuller ballots.

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