Marco Island Charter Amendments, A-G (January 2010)

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There were seven Marco Island Charter Amendments proposed on the January 26 ballot in Collier County for voters in Marco Island.

ApprovedaAmendment A sought to update and revise old language in the charter, changing style and clarity.

ApprovedaAmendment B sought to make it that no council member can serve more than two terms consecutively.

DefeateddAmendment C sought to set the compensation rate for council members at $6,000 and the Chairman at $9,000.

ApprovedaAmendment D sought to make sure the city manager tells the council of any deviation from the city budget over $250,000.

ApprovedaAmendment E sought to allow the council to conduct investigation into any department it sees fit.[1]

DefeateddAmendment F sought to allows future councils to base their annual expenditures on spending done in 2008, plus there would be a three percent annual increase and cost of living allowance added on. A forum was held to inform local residents, but most still did not really understand what the issue was at the end. Most though believed that spending needed to be cut in some form.[2]

DefeateddAmendment G sought to make it so that the council must issue a city ordinance for approval of expenditures over $12 million.[1] Currently if the city passes an expenditure by resolution, city voters cannot petition for a referendum vote. This amendment change would have meant that all large expenditures must be passed by an ordinance so residents can petition for a referendum vote.[3][4]

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