Mark Funkhouser recall, Kansas City, Missouri, 2009

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An effort to recall Mark Funkhouser, the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, is underway in April 2009.[1] Recall supporters were unable to gather enough signatures and so the recall did not go to a vote.[2]

Nepotism and breach of public trust were two reasons listed on the recall affidavit.

Supporting arguments

The city charter requires that reasons be given for initiating a recall:

Grounds for recall must relate to and affect the administration of the officials office, and be of a substantial nature directly affecting the rights and interests of the public. Grounds for recall are limited to objective reasons which reasonable people, regardless of their political persuasion, could agree would render any officials performance ineffective, which must be an act of misfeasance, the improper performance of some act which may lawfully be done, or malfeasance, the commission of some act wholly beyond the officials authority, or nonfeasance, the failure to perform a required duty. The Council shall not fail to place the matter before the voters based on the inadequacy of the grounds stated by the committee of petitioners.

Path to the ballot

Supporters of the recall needed obtain 16,950 valid signatures of registered voters in order to get the issue on the August 2009 ballot. Supporters were only able to gather 16,821 signatures.[1][2]

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