Marti Brown and Stephanie Gomes recall, Vallejo, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Marti Brown and Stephanie Gomes from their positions on the city council of Vallejo, California, was launched in March 2012.[1] The recall effort was abandoned and did not result in a recall election.

Reasons for recall

Sam Kurshan organized the recall effort. Kurshan ran unsuccessfully against Brown and Gomes in the 2009 city council elections. The recall petition accused Brown and Gomes of being anti-public safety and economic development.[2]

In response to the recall campaign, Brown said, "the fact that (the recall notice) lacks specifics underscores, to me, that this really is about not liking policy that I've set, that I'm allowed to set, as a policy maker. And that's different than violating the Charter or doing something illegal. I think we all have experiences with elected officials, all the time, at every level of government, where we don't like their policies. They don't get recalled for it, though."[1]

Path to the ballot

Kurshan attempted to initiate the recall process in March 2012, but his initial batch of signatures was deemed insufficient by the city clerk. He re-submitted recall paperwork in early April, this time with enough signatures to formally instigate the recall process. However, the city clerk notified Kurshan that he had not followed proper administrative procedures regarding the petition. There was a discrepancy between the published notices of intention to recall and the submitted notices of intention to recall.[3]

On June 11, the third recall affidavit was approved and recall organizers were given the go-ahead to begin circulating petitions.[4] Recall organizers had 160 days to collect 7,700 signatures on each petition, representing 15% of Vallejo's 52,806 registered voters.[1] Signatures were never submitted, and the recall effort came to an end.

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