Mary Jane Galviso recall, Orosi, California (2008)

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Orosi Public Utilities Department Director Mary Jane Galviso faced a recall election and lost in Tulare County on November 4, 2008.[1]

Galviso, who originally ran under the name Galbiso, was voted out of her position by over 75% of voters.

Reasons for recall

The official reasons for her recall were stated in the petition as follows:

  • Personal gain by using her elected office to circumvent the Laws of the Utility District whereby legal action has been taken by the board in order to collect fees due by her.
  • This Director has without knowledge of the Board acted in an official capacity whereby using her official position to further her personal cause.
  • During official Board meeting has demonstrated unprofessional conduct and influence on other elected officials of the Utility district and its members.
  • She has harassed the district office personnel causing disruption in daily activity whereby the staff has been unable to complete their daily tasks.[2]


Galviso has been in a long-term legal battle over what she calls "legal land grabs [sic] schemes," and what city says are liens of $63,000 that she owes on a piece of land called the Ilocano Farm. Galviso user the land as an organic farm, which led to a conflict of interest for her position of Director for the Public Utilities District.[3]

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