Maryland Healthcare Amendment (2010)

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The Maryland Health Care Freedom Act is not on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state of Maryland. The measure would have not allowed laws that interfered with health care plan choices for medical care or services. The measure was proposed in order to block proposed health care reform by federal legislation. The measure was under review in the Maryland General Assembly, but was not acted up on before the end of session.[1]

The bill was being sponsored by Senators E. J. Pipkin, Nancy Jacobs and Alex Mooney[2]

Constitutional changes

If enacted by Maryland voters, the measure would have added a new Article XX to the Maryland Constitution.[3]

Path to the ballot

Placing a proposed amendment on the ballot must be approved by a 60% vote of each chamber of the Maryland State Legislature. Maryland was one of nine states that implement this process.


According to the bill information provided by the 2010 Regular Session:

"Adding a new article to the Maryland Constitution to enact limits on the regulation of health care in the State; prohibiting a law from compelling, directly or indirectly, specified persons to participate in any health care system; prohibiting specified persons from being required to pay penalties or fines under specified circumstances; specifying that the purchase or sale of specified health insurance may not be prohibited by law; authorizing persons to pay directly or accept direct payment for specified health care services; etc."[2]

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