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The Maryland Public Policy Institute (MPPI), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and education organization in Maryland. Founded in 2001 by Christopher B. Summers, its "goal is to provide accurate and timely research analysis of Maryland policy issues and market these findings to key primary audiences."[1]


The organization's mission "is to formulate and promote public policies at all levels of government based on principles of free enterprise, limited government, and civil society."[1]


MPPI conducts research on a wide array of issues facing the state of Maryland.

Economic and fiscal policy

MPPI supports policies which make Maryland more competitive with other states. MPPI recommends a return to 2006 tax rates, before the legislature increased sales, corporate, and income taxes. MPPO also believes the state should identify funding sources for programs before enacting them.[2]


The Institute supports school choice and reforms to reach that goal. These include vouchers and tax credits. On the individual school level, MPPI supports giving more control to public school principals over finances and education.[3]

To support these efforts MPPI created the website School Choice For Maryland to better educate the public.

Government transparency

MPPI supports increasing transparency at all levels of government "through online searchable databases of spending, legislation, contracts, and ethics forms, and through open meetings and other public information laws. We believe well-informed residents are key to a vibrant state and that the more information is made available about government operations, the cleaner and more accountable it will be to the people."[4]

To this end, MPPI created a tax estimator, which allows citizens to calculate full taxes county by county.


The Institute supports increased consumer control over health issues and supports reforms giving patients more responsibility for managing it. MPPI does not support increased mandates for coverage or expanding entitlement programs.[5]


MPPI "supports market-based transportation reforms including peak-time pricing that reduce congestion and recognize that driving is the most popular mode of transportation in Maryland." MPPI does not believe public transport alone can solve the problem.[6]


MPPI does not accept government funding or perform contract research.

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