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The Maryland lieutenant gubernatorial election of 2010 was held on November 2, 2010 following a primary election on September 14, 2010.[1][2]

Democrat Anthony G. Brown, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor, ran with incumbent Governor Martin O'Malley, easily beating the GOP ticket of Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. and Mary Kane.

Polls opened at 7:00 am and remained open until 8:00 pm on all election days. Registration deadlines were August 24th for the primary and October 12th for the general elections.[3]

Maryland, like 19 other states, elects a governor and lt. governor on a single ticket in both the primary and general elections.

The November Ballot – Who Made It? Maryland Lieutenant Governor[4]
Nominee Affiliation
Anthony G. Brown, with Martin O'Malley Democrat
Mary Kane, with Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. Republican
Ken Eidel, with Maria Allwine Green
Doug McNeil, with Susan J. Gaztanaga Libertarian
Michael T. Hargadon, with Eric Delano Knowles Constitution Party
This lists candidates who won their state's primary or convention, or who were unopposed, and were officially certified for the November ballot by their state's election authority.

November 2, 2010 general election results

As of November 10, 2010, all precincts had reported. Results were certified on December 7, 2010.[5]

Maryland Gubernatorial/Lieutenant Gubernatorial General Election, 2010
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngMartin O'Malley/Anthony G. Brown Incumbent 56.2% 1,044,961
     Republican Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr./Mary Kane 41.8% 776,319
     Libertarian Susan J. Gaztanaga/Doug McNeil 0.8% 14,137
     Green Maria Allwine/Ken Eidel 0.6% 11,825
     Constitution Eric Delano Knowles/Michael T. Hargadon 0.5% 8,612
     Democratic Ralph Jaffe (Write-In) 0% 319
     Unaffiliated Corrogan R. Vaughan/Jim Crawford 0% 179
     Other Write-Ins Various 0.1% 1,528
Total Votes 1,857,880
Election Results via Maryland State Board of Elections


Maryland's State Board of Elections maintained a list of all candidates.[6]

Only candidates for the two major parties have a primary. Third party candidates and Independents either compete for their party's nomination at convention or, if they are uncontested, may focus on the general election solely.



  • J.P. Cusick's campaign was highly focused on child support and custody issues. He had himself served time on two occasions for failing to make court ordered child support payments and three time for vandalizing government buildings, including spray painting portions of the Ten Commandments on the Maryland State House. A perennial candidate, Cusick is proud of his record and uses it when campaigning.[9] On his campaign site, he stated he was, "financing his own campaign and...does not request [or] require any campaign contributions."[10]
  • with Michael W. Lang, Jr. for Lieutenant Governor. Interestingly, Lang ran his own campaign website, which was linked to via Cusick's page. Lang is a Korean War vet and worked as a computer scientist for U.S. Naval Logistics out of Annapolis before retiring.
  • Ralph Jaffe runs a non-traditional school from his home; he admitted at a candidate forum that he did not recognize that the man he stopped to ask for directions as he was on the way to file his candidacy papers was Gov. Martin O'Malley.[11]
  • with Freda Jaffee for Lieutenant Governor. Miss Jaffee is the candidate's sister.
  • Martin O'Malley, the incumbent governor.
  • with Anthony G. Brown for Lieutenant Governor. Brown is a former Minority Whip for the Maryland House of Delegates and an Army Reservist. He was also Gov. O'Malley's current Lt. Gov. at the time.
  • George Owings - Former State Veterans Affairs Secretary and former State House Majority Whip[12] As of late June, he was on no official list of candidates. On July 1, 2010, he officially withdrew from the race, saying only he had undergone emergency treatment for a major disease and was following his physician's recommendation to recover.[13]


  • Maria Allwine - a long-time activist, especially related to 'social justice' actions. At a 2006 protest outside the National Security Agency, she was one of 13 activists taken into custody for coming too close to Fort Meade.[14] All charges were ultimately dismissed by the U.S. District Court.
  • with Ken Eidel for Lieutenant Governor
  • Corrogan R. Vaughan began the midterm election cycle as a Senate hopeful before switching to a gubernatorial candidacy. He worked in the airline industry for several years before the September 11th attacks and lost his job in the ensuing industry contraction. Since then, he returned to school and worked in political consultancy. On his website, Mr. Vaughan self-identified as Republican and described himself as, "a Christian conservative who is a constitutionalist and understands that our nation is not a democracy but a republic, one nation under God."[15]
  • with Jim Crawford for Lieutenant Governor


  • Susan J. Gaztanaga has been heavily active in Maryland's libertarian campaigns for years. Her husband, Lorenzo, also ran on a libertarian ticket, seeking to win the state's 2nd Congressional District.
  • with Doug McNeil for Lieutenant Governor. One of the founder's of Baltimore's Libertarian Party, McNeil is an Army vet and works as a computer engineer. He also runs a nonpartisan group dedicated to fairness and transparency in ballot access. He was initially running his own gubernatorial bid, which he ended in order to join Gaztanaga's ticket.


  • Attorney Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.[16] served first in Maryland's state legislature and later in Congress before winning election as the first Republican governor the state had chosen in 30 years in 2002. Following his single term in office, he returned to private legal practice.
  • with Mary Kane for Lieutenant Governor. Kane was the Maryland Secretary of State from 2005 to 2007 and also served as Special Projects Director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • Larry Hogan, founder and CEO of the Hogan Company, was part of Bob Ehrlich's cabinet during the latter's first term. On February 1, 2010, he announced, " "I am officially concluding my exploratory committee and calling on my friend Bob Ehrlich to enter this race for governor." He also formally endorsed the choice of Mary Kane to co-campaign with Ehrlich.
  • Patrick McDonough, District 7 delegate from 1979-1998 and from 2003-present.[17]
  • Brian Murphy, graduate of the University of Maryland, former Constellation Energy employee, and founder of Plimhimmon Group and Smith Island Baking Company.[18]
  • with Mike Ryman for Lieutenant Governor. Ryman is a former USMC officer and FBI agent. He retired from the U.S. Government as a Federal Senior Executive Service law enforcement officer. He joined Murphy's ticket on July 16, 2010. Previously the Murphy campaign had Carmen M. Amedori, a former member of both the State House of Delegates and the Maryland Parole Commission, on board. Miss Amedori left the campaign's ticket in late April, only shortly after signing on on April 17th; in interviews she stated she still believed Murphy was a good alternative to Ehrlich but that she did not believe he could win a primary. She also formally endorsed Ehrlich.[19] The day before accepting the Lt. Gov. slot of Mr. Murphy's ticket, she ended her own bid for the U.S. Senate.
  • Michael J. Pappas, Parliamentarian of the Maryland Republican Party and second Vice-Chair of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, formed an exploratory committee in December 2008.[20] He ceased campaigning in early November 2009, saying, " "I have determined that the best interest of my family and business requires that I stop my run for Governor effective immediately." On his now shuttered website, he added that he exited the race in order to give his family the support that would allow his wife to accept an executive level job and because he felt his obligations to his law firm's clients meant he did not have the time to campaign. He endorsed Larry Hogan for the GOP gubernatorial nominee.

September 14, 2010 primary


2010 Race for Lieutenant Governor - Democrat Primary[21]
Candidates Percentage
J.P. Cusick and Michael W. Lang. Jr. (D) 10.89%
Ralph Jaffe and Freda Jaffe(D) 4.03%
Martin O'Malley and Anthony G. Brown (D) 85.08%
Total votes 36,945


2010 Race for Lieutenant Governor - Republican Primary[22]
Candidates Percentage
Robert L. "Bob" Ehrlich, Jr. and Mary Kane (R) 80.22%
Brian Murphy and Mike Ryman (R) 19.78%
Total votes 23,175

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