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Here is a list of major FOIA court decisions and their effect on the Maryland Public Information Act.
(The cases are listed alphabetically. To order them by year please click the icon below the Year heading)

" Year Precedent
A. S. Abell Publishing Co. v. Mezzanote 1983 This case affirmed the decision in Moberly v. Herboldsheimer, that the state does not need to exercise total control over a private body for the private entity to be considered a public body.
Belt v. Prince George's Co 1890 This case required court clerks to provide public records copies to any person who made an application and paid the fees.
City of Baltimore Development Corporation v. Carmel Realty Associates 2006 1.) The Maryland Open Meetings Act applies to private corporations who were either created by a government agency or whose members are appointed by a government agency.

2.) Entities who serve an instrumental role with regard to the actions of government agencies but who were not created by those government agencies are still subject to the Maryland Public Information Act.

City of New Carrollton v. Rogers 1980
Community and Labor United for Baltimore Charter Committee (CLUB) v. Baltimore City Board of Elections 2003 This case established that notice must be given of all meetings of legislative agencies, whether a quorum of members is expected or not.
Faulk v. State's Attorney for Harford County 1984
Hamilton v. Verdow 1980
Pressman v. Elgin 1946