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Massachusetts lawmakers take on anti-contraception

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February 29, 2012


BOSTON, Massachusetts: Representative Ellen Story (D) declared her support for family planning services on Wednesday as women's health advocates prepared to lobby lawmakers for funding. Rep. Story said she is unimpressed by the politicization of contraception in the federal political arena, calling it "an outrageously cheap tactic." Representative Gloria Fox (D) praised family planning services in Massachusetts for giving low-income and underinsured residents access to cancer and HIV tests as well as hundreds of thousands of condoms and birth control pills.[1]

Governor Deval Patrick proposed a 4 percent decrease in family planning funding for the fiscal year 13 budget. Advocates for family planning are pushing back against the Governor's bill, asking lawmakers for a $1.5 million increase to funding. Massachusetts currently allots $4.5 million to family planning.[1]

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