Massachusetts rep resigns amid voter fraud charges

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December 23, 2012


By Joel Williams

Boston, Massachusetts: Stephen "Stat" Smith, a 57 year-old Democratic representative from Everett plans to resign from the Massachusetts House of Representatives on January 1, 2013. Smith is embroiled in controversy surrounding fraudulent absentee ballots. Smith is accused by prosecutors of both registering ineligible voters for absentee ballots and voting in the name of people who did not know. Smith was first questioned about this in September 2010, when a columnist from the Boston Globe found that half a dozen absentee ballots were mailed from Smith's house on the day of the primary election.

The misdemeanor voter fraud charges carry up to a 2-year sentence in jail. Smith agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors that will see him in jail for six months and unable to seek public office for five years afterwards. Smith, who was first elected in 2006, served most recently on an election law committee.[1]

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