Matt White recall, El Reno, Oklahoma, 2009

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A petition to recall [[El Reno, Oklahoma Mayor Matt White began circulating on January 5, 2009. White was targeted for asking the 24-year CEO of Parkview Hospital to resign.[1]

As of April 2015, there is no additional information on this recall and it has been considered abandoned. If you have more information on this event, please contact us.

Supporting arguments

Susan Barnhart, Chairperson of the Recall Matt White Committee, said, "We just feel there might be some sort of hidden agenda here."[1]


White's response

Mayor White responded, saying, "When Parkview hospital showed losses in excess of $2 million for the last two years, I believed that it was imperative that changes be made."[1]

Path to the ballot

The formal petition was made available for signatures January 5, 2009. Committee members said 686 signatures were necessary to force a recall election, but they were hoping to gather at least 1,000 signatures.[1]

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