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Maui County, Hawaii

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Maui County is one of 5 counties in Hawaii. It consists of the islands of Maui, Kahoolawe, Lānai, Molokai (except for that portion of Molokai that is Kalawao County), and Molokini. As of 2010, the population was 154,834.[1] The county seat is Wailuku.

Website evaluation

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This website was most recently evaluated on Feb. 26, 2013.

The good

  • Budget
    • Current budget is posted, as is proposed budget.[2]
    • Budgets are archived to 2007
  • Elected Officials
    • Contact information, including individual email address and telephone number, is provided for elected officials.[3]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes, calendars, and agendas are posted.[4]
    • Meeting calendar is posted.[5]
  • Administration
    • Contact information is provided for administrative officials by department.[6]
  • Audits
    • Audits are available.[7]
    • Audits are archived to 2005.
  • Taxes
    • Local tax information, including online payments is posted.[8]
    • Tax rates are included under the budget ordinances.[9]
    • Tax appeal information is available.[10]
  • Permits and Zoning
    • Building permits and zoning information is available.[11]
  • Contracts
    • Contracts and bid information is available.[12]
    • Bids are posted.[13]
  • Public Records
    • There is information on how to obtain public records, and information on how to contact the county clerk.[14]
    • Many docs are posted online.[15]

The bad

  • Lobbying
    • There is no disclosure of lobbying activities.


Total county funds estimated for the FY2012 budget are $632.0 million, a 20.6% increase from the budget adopted for FY2011, which was just over $524.2 million. This represents an increase of $107.8 million in the County’s budget.

Estimated real property tax revenue for FY2012 is projected to be 13.7% less than in FY2011 (approx. total of just over $32.28 billion). FY2012 includes a new tax classification, authorized by ordinance in 2010 - "Residential," combining previous categories "Improved Residential" and "Unimproved Residential." The estimated $210.1 million in real property tax revenue represents 56% of all general fund revenue and 33% of all county revenue, and reflects a $3.8 million decrease from FY 2011.

Public Employees

Elected Officials

Maui County has a quasi-mayor-council form of municipal government. Unlike traditional municipal governments, the county government is established by the state legislature by statute and is not chartered. Executive authority is vested in the mayor, elected by the voters on a nonpartisan basis to a four-year term (with a limit of two consecutive full terms). Legislative authority is vested in the nine-member County Council. All seats in the County Council have residency requirements with each residency district having very different population numbers; however, all voters in Maui County may vote in elections for all nine seats regardless of residence. Members of the County Council are elected on a nonpartisan basis to two-year terms (with a limit of five consecutive full terms).

Administrative Officials

Department Title Name Email
Civil Defense Agency Emergency Management Officer Anna Foust
Department of the Corporation Counsel Corporation Counsel Patrick Wong
Department of the Corporation Counsel First Deputy Edward Kushi
Environmental Management Director Kyle Ginoza
Environmental Management Deputy Director Michael Miyamoto
Department of Finance Director Danny Agsalog
Department of Finance Deputy Director Jeremiah Savage
Housing & Human Concerns Director Jo-Ann T. Ridao
Housing & Human Concerns Deputy Director Janice Shishido
Liquor Control Director Franklyn L. Silva
Liquor Control Deputy Director Traci Fujita Villarosa
Department of Management Managing Director Keith Regan
Department of Management First Assistant to the Managing Director David Ching
Parks & Recreation Director Glenn Correa
Parks & Recreation Deputy Director Patrick Matsui
Personnel Services Director Lance Hiromoto
Personnel Services Deputy Director David Underwood
Planning Director William Spence
Planning Deputy Director Michele Chouteau McLean
Prosecuting Attorney Prosecuting Attorney John D. Kim
Prosecuting Attorney First Deputy Robert Rivera
Department of Public Works Director of Public Works David Goode
Department of Public Works Deputy of Public Works Rowena Dagdag-Andaya
Department of Transportation Director Jo Anne Johnson Winer
Department of Transportation Deputy Director Marc Takamori
Department of Water Supply Director Dave Taylor
Department of Water Supply Deputy Director Paul Meyer


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Emergency personnel


Department Title Name Email
Department of Fire and Public Safety Fire Chief Jeffrey A. Murray
Department of Fire and Public Safety Deputy Fire Chief Robert M. Shimada

The Fire Department has 14 fire stations throughout the County of Maui. There are 10 fire stations on the island of Maui, three fire stations on the island of Molokai, and one fire station on the island of Lanai. Fire/Rescue Operations include 279 personnel.


Department Title Name Email
Police Department Chief of Police Gary Yabuta
Police Department Deputy Chief of Police Clayton Tom

The Police Commission prepares and submits to the Mayor a request for an annual appropriation for the operation of the department, appoints the Police Chief, receives, reviews, and investigates charges brought forth by the public against the conduct of the department or any of its members, and submits a written report of its findings and recommendations to the Chief of Police for disposition.

Police Commission Members
Keone Ball - Chair 3/31/2011
Sean Connolly 3/31/2011
Leil Koch - Vice-Chair 3/31/2012
Tina Gomes 3/31/2012
David Jorgensen 3/31/2013
Kirk Tanaka 3/31/2013
Ronald Vaught 3/31/2014
Roger Dixon 3/31/2015
Gregg Lundberg 3/31/2015


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The county of Maui had a lobbyist registered with the Hawaii State Ethics Commission under "County of Maui, Office of the Mayor" in 2009, and spent $15,000.00.[16]

In 2011, the county of Maui spent $20,000 on lobbying according to

Transparency & public records


The majority of the tax rates for FY2012 were increased over the 2010/2011 rates. The following rates are per $1,000 of assessed value.

Type Rate for FY 2012
Improved Residential $5.55
Apartment $5.50
Commercial $6.25
Agricultural $5.80
Conservation $5.60
Hotel and Resort $9.00
Unimproved Residential $6.25
Homeowner $2.50
Timeshare $15.00
Commercialized Residential $4.20

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