May 17 local elections in five states, most measures approved

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May 19, 2011

There were five states covered for the May 17 election, while most of the states had few measures on the ballots, Oregon had a fair few measures with many being high profile issues.

In Arizona, there were eight counties with issues totaling twenty-five ballot measures throughout those counties, of those measures only five were defeated. Franchise agreement renewals and approval of city growth plans were the dominant issues, but the Lake Havasu Annexation question had garnered a fair amount of debate. Questioning if the city should annex areas of land from the golf course, residents petitioned to stop the annexation and were successful in stopping it with the defeat of this measure.

There was just one issue in Florida, a school levy measure in Walton county which passed with ease. In Wisconsin there were just two school issues, both asked to allow the school districts to exceed state set revenue limits and both getting approved. In Washington there were five counties with issues, each having one question on their ballot. The two school bonds were both defeated as they did not reach the needed 60 percent super majority to pass. The other three measures were approved.

In Oregon, nineteen counties had issues on the ballot totaling 49 issues overall. Significant issues included the Portland School bond and the Portland School levy. While the bond was defeated, the levy was approved, allowing for additional money to go towards teacher salaries int he district. The Eugene Income tax measure was defeated, but the Eugene School bond was approved, giving one alternate source of funding for the school district.

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