Measure 1 fails, Measure 2 passes in Alaska primary election

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August 25, 2010


JUNEAU, Alaska: With 369 of 438 precincts reporting as of 1:57 a.m. AKDT on August 25, 2010, Alaska's Ballot Measure 2, the parental notification proposal, was approved by voters with 55.58% voting yes for the measure. Ballot Measure 1, the anti-corruption initiative, was rejected by voters with only 37.5% voting yes.

Ballot Measure 1, according to the text of the measure, would have mandated that no public organization or person who is employed by the state could receive, permit, require or facilitate the use of public resources for any political agenda such as campaigning, lobbying or other similar activities. Violation would have resulted in a Class A misdemeanor if the measure had been approved.

Ballot Measure 2 forbids a minor from getting an abortion without a doctor informing at least one parent before moving forward with the procedure. The proposal also includes enforcing legal penalties on doctors who perform abortions on minors without consent of the minor's parents.

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