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Mercer County, Illinois

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Mercer County is a county in Illinois. Seven years after Illinois became a state, Mercer County was founded. It was formed from unorganized territory near Pike County on January 13, 1825.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Illinois county websites
Budget N
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Meetings N
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Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials N
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Permits, zoning N
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Audits N
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Contracts N
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Lobbying N
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Public records N
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Local taxes N
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Transparency grading process

Mercer County has a small website that is growing, but currently posts little information.

The good

  • The website lists council members and their contact information.[1]

The bad

  • The site fails to include any concrete information, only plans from 2003-2008.
  • The site fails to include a way to file a public records request.


Main article: Illinois government sector lobbying

Mercer County does not have contracts with lobbyists. It belonged to 17 government sector lobbying associations between 2005-2010, and spent $19,450.21 on membership dues to those organizations.[2][3]

Association Years Dues Total
United Counties Council of Illinois 2005-2010 $750.00
Illinois Association of County Board Members 2005-2010 $3,375.00
Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders (Illinois Association of County Officials) 2005-2010 $1,100.00
Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders – Zone IV 2005-2010 $600.00
Illinois County Treasurer's Association 2005-2010 $1,050.00
National Association of County Treasurers 2005-2006 $60.00
Illinois Sheriff's Association 2005-2010 $2,625.00
Quad City Council of Police Chiefs 2010 $30.00
Illinois Association of Technical Accident Investigation 2009 $45.00
Association of Government Attorneys 2005-2009 $400.00
Attorney Registration and Discipline Committee 2005-2010 $1,365.00
County Animal Control of Illinois 2009-2010 $50.00
Illinois Association of County Engineers 2005-2010 $2,975.21
National Association of County Engineers 2009-2010 $450.00
Illinois Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners 2005-2010 $1,200.00
Illinois Association of Public Health Administrators 2005-2010 $2,925.00
Illinois Rural Health Association 2005-2010 $450.00
TOTAL - $19,450.21

Cities and towns


Mercer County is divided into fifteen townships:

  • Abington Township
  • Duncan Township
  • Eliza Township
  • Greene Township
  • Keithsburg Township
  • Mercer Township
  • Millersburg Township
  • New Boston Township
  • North Henderson Township
  • Ohio Grove Township
  • Perryton Township
  • Preemption Township
  • Richland Grove Township
  • Rivoli Township
  • Suez Township

List of school districts in the county

  • Aledo Community Unit School District 201
  • Westmer Community Unit School District 203
  • Sherrard Community Unit School District 200

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