Mercer Island School District Bond Measure (April 2012)

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A Mercer Island School District Bond Measure was on the April 17, 2012 ballot in the mercer Island school district area which is in King County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 3,206 (39.38%)
  • NO 4,936 (60.62%)Defeatedd[1]

This measure sought to issue a bond in the amount of $196 million in order to help rebuild the older school buildings in the district. School officials first decided on when the vote would occur so as to help plan the amount that should be asked.[2]

On February 15 the school board officially approved this measure to be on the April ballot. At the meeting when the bond was decided, residents voiced their support and opposition to the proposed measure. Some noted that the plan had holes and that the requested amount was too large, while others stated that there were good plans in place for the proposed projects and the facilities needed to have repair work done.[3]

The school board was split over the issue to publish information in the King County Voter's Pamphlet so they will not be issuing explanations on the bond for the pamphlet. It would have cost the district $3,000 to publish an explanation of the bond. While proponents to publish a statement noted that it would benefit the school to have further explanations on why the bond is important while those against did not see it worthwhile to pay the additional cost.[4]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

The Board of Directors approved Resolution No. 592 concerning this proposition for bonds. This proposition authorizes the District to replace Island Park, Lakeridge, West Mercer Elementary and Islander Middle; purchase land to site a new school; modernize Mercer Island High, adding science labs and classrooms; to make improvements to the athletic stadium; modernize Mary Wayte Pool; to issue $196,275,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum term of 20 years; and to levy excess property taxes annually to repay the bonds, as described in Resolution No. 592.[5][6]


The Seattle King County Realtors had given their support behind this measure, noting the need of the school for funds which would support growth and development in the community. The group noted that with previous projects, the school remained on budget and completed projects within a set timeline, showing good management skills.[7]

The Committee for Mercer Island Public Schools, the group promoting the bond measure, issued press release that stated that support for the measure has reached the 1,000 mark. The group noted that 1,055 people had endorsed and are in favor of the measure and that they were encouraged with all the support that has been given to the proposed bond.[8]

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