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The Michigan Association of Mayors (MAM) is a government sector lobbying association in Michigan. Representing 105 Michigan communities, it is the official nonpartisan organization of Michigan's chief elected officials.[1]

Board of Directors


  • Name: Gary McDowell
  • Location: Adrian
  • Number: (517) 264-4881
  • Term Expires: 2010

Vice President

  • Name: Jackie Noonan
  • Location: Utica
  • Number: (586) 739-1600
  • Term Expires: 2010

Immediate Past President

  • Name: Al McGeehan
  • Location: Holland
  • Number:(616) 355-1314
  • Term Expires: 2010


  • Name: Dan Gilmartin, MML

  • Name: Gerri Moen
  • Location: Howell
  • Number: (517) 546-3500
  • Term Expires: 2009

  • Name: Bob May
  • Location: Hastings
  • Number: (269) 945-2468
  • Term Expires: 2009

  • Name: Paul Grondin
  • Location: Saint Ignace
  • Number: (906) 643-9671
  • Term Expires: 2010

  • Name: Carol Sheets
  • Location: Wyoming
  • Number: (616)530-7227
  • Term Expires: 2011

  • Name: Brenda Lawrence
  • Location: Southfield
  • Number: (248) 796-5100
  • Term Expires: 2011

  • Name: Bruce Smith
  • Location: Marshall
  • Number: (269) 781-3835
  • Term Expires: 2011


Membership in the MAM is open to Mayors and Village Presidents of Michigan cities and villages which are members of the Michigan Municipal League.[2] A complete list of members is available on their website. Annual membership dues are $100.

Lobbying Priorities

The website of The Michigan Association of Mayors mentions that they advocate for several issues, but fails to list any specific issues or priorities on their website. In the Board of Directors' meetings, the minutes make mention of two priorities:

Restructuring of the Michigan Tax Code

The MAM is vehemently against tax cuts, saying in one meeting that, "the legislature cannot continue to cut taxes and expect Michigan’s communities and economy to flourish."[3]

Annexation of Land by Cities and Townships

In 2008, then MAM president Hon. Albert McGeehan testified before the Michigan Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee, voicing opposition against a Senate proposal that would have made it harder for cities and villages to annex land from townships and for townships to detach land from cities.[4]. The legislation, which did not pass, would have required voters to approve any annexation or detachment of land with 100 or fewer residents.

Michigan Municipal League Foundation

At an August 8, 2007, meeting, the Michigan Association of Mayors decided to donate $5,000.000 to the MML Foundation.[5]

The MML is active in lobbying on several issues[6]:

  • Controlling Costs (PA 312)
  • Environmental Affairs – promote environmental protection through the use of tax dollars
  • Federal Issues – Housing finance reform, collective bargaining and funding for transportation and community programs
  • Funding Michigan’s Communities
  • Transportation & Transit

For example, the MML produced a policy paper highlighting the damaging effects of capping taxes, advocating for the removal of any limits on the amount the government can tax property.[7]

The MML Foundation includes the following members on its board:


  • Name: James Buck, Mayor
  • Location: City of Grandville

Vice Chair


  • Name: Kate Lawrence, Mayor
  • Location: City of Brighton

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