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The Michigan Association of School Boards is the Michigan state chapter of the National School Boards Association, a government sector lobbying association. The MASB is the state's largest organization of school board members.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Michigan government sector lobbying

The Michigan Association of School Boards has a registered lobbyist with the Michigan Department of State.[2]

Lobbying priorities

The following short-term priorities guide the work of the MASB staff:

  • Support a school finance and reform study
  • Support the expansion of sinking fund uses
  • Support the restoration of a minimum number of days in the school calendar
  • Support incentives for the consolidation of services or districts
  • Delay implementation of mandatory full day kindergarten

The following long-term priorities have been adopted by the MASB:

  • Support more cost effective health and retirement benefits for school employees
  • Support the expansion or repeal of term limits
  • Support greater focus and funding for early childhood education
  • Support a systemic solution to declining enrollment
  • Support a continual closing of the per pupil funding gap for schools in Michigan
  • Support state and federal assistance for school infrastructure


MASB offers its members an array of programs and services designed to help them be more effective school leaders, including:

  • Bylaw and policy services: MASB provides a variety of services to assist school governance teams on all matters of educational and school district policy. Policy services include: Michigan Comprehensive Manual; Policies on the Web as an Educational Resource (POWER); policy analysis, development and customization; and policy updating–online and print policies.
  • Communications and public relations: MASB helps the public and the media understand the role of schools boards. MASB keeps its members informed through a variety of sources of information for effective board service including: Headlines and Between Headlines newsletters, MASB website; special reports and publications; awards and recognition; online survey service; community engagement services; and Bookstore
  • Government relations: MASB represents the views of member districts before federal and state legislative leaders, and works to open the lines of communication between locally elected school board members and the elected officials in Lansing and Washington.
  • Labor relations: Experienced negotiators and labor relations consultants help guide school districts through contract negotiations, grievance administration and arbitration.
  • Legal counsel: MASB’s legal counsel provides board members and superintendents information regarding current school law, recent court decisions and Attorney General opinions.
  • Superintendent search: MASB helps boards develop an effective and legal superintendent recruiting and selection process, from building a profile of the desired chief administrator to conducting interviews for finalists.
  • Training and professional development: MASB provides comprehensive training, support, resources and inspiration to school boards and superintendents. MASB’s leadership services include: Certified Board-member Award (CBA) classes; Annual fall conference and exhibit show; workshops to facilitate board professional development; OnSight Board Training; Data2Results; and, Strategic Planning and District Goal-Setting.

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