Michigan Senate approves personal property tax reductions

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May 14, 2012

By: Stephan Burklin

Republican Senators pass phase-out of personal property taxes

LANSING, Michigan: Lawmakers in the Michigan Senate passed a series of measures designed to phase out personal property taxes on Michigan businesses.[1]

The 22-15 vote in favor of the bills’ passages fell mostly along party lines, with Republican state Senators Patrick Colbeck, Tom Casperson, and John Moolenaar joining Democrats in opposition.[1]

The eight-bill package, which still requires approval by the state House, initially faced pushback from groups worried about its impact on local revenues, among them, the Michigan Municipal League.[1]

But when amendments were introduced to guarantee locals reimbursement for certain lost revenues, the league shifted its position to “neutral.”[1]

In addition, a separate clause was inserted to ensure that, in the case of the state government’s failure to come up with replacement revenue, the eliminated taxes would be automatically re-implemented.[1]

Revenues generated by all forms of the personal property tax total between $1.2 billion and $1.3 billion. The industrial and commercial portion accounts for about $450 million.[1]

Senate Democrats accused the Republicans who passed the bill of stripping cities and schools of resources while benefiting big businesses.[1]

According to the Detroit Free Press, state Senator Tupac Hunter said, “These bills will not create jobs and are more likely to line CEO pockets.[1]

Mike Johnston, vice president of the Michigan Manufacturers Association, told the Detroit Free Press that addressing Michigan’s personal property tax burden was critical to making the state more attractive for job creation.[1]

“We view this as one of the essential pieces to reinventing Michigan,” he said.[1]

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