Michigan Senator prepares bills for possible constitutional convention

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June 2, 2010

Sen. Tom George

LANSING, Michigan: The November 2, 2010 general election is six months away but already lawmakers are preparing bills should voters approve a constitutional convention. Specifically the measures asks if voters are in favor of holding a constitutional convention to revise or replace the state's 1963 constitution.

Sen. Tom George announced today that he plans to introduce approximately six bills should voters approve the November measure. According to George the bills would establish eligibility requirements and election dates for delegates and create campaign finance rules to limit the influence of special interests in delegate elections.[1]

Constitutional convention ballot propositions are a form of automatic ballot referral in some states whose constitutions state that every so often, a statewide ballot proposition must be placed on the general election ballot asking the voters of the state if they wish to have a constitutional convention. In Michigan the measure appears on the ballot at 16-year intervals. The last constitutional convention in Michigan was held in 1962. Voters rejected proposals in 1978 and 1994.[2]

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