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Michigan lawmakers approve rules for film incentive program

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December 15, 2011


LANSING, Michigan: Michigan lawmakers passed a bill that would set up guidelines for dividing up the $25 million in state film and movie incentives for the next fiscal year. The bill passed on December 15 with a 35-3 vote in the Senate and a 92-15 vote in the House. The incentives in the bill are not as plenty as they once were, but supporters of the bill say the incentives would still stay competitive.[1]

Michigan's film industry boomed in 2008 after legislation passed under former Governor Jennifer Granholm that provided rebates of up to 42 percent of a production's expenses to film studios. The result of the film incentive program was a flocking of television and movie studios to Michigan. The original incentive program did not cap the rebates, and in 2010, Michigan approved $115 million. However, the state budget capped the program at $25 million in October 2011.[2]

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