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Michigan legislature passes "Right-to-Work" bills

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December 7, 2012


By Eric Veram

LANSING, Michigan: On Thursday, December 6, 2012, two separate right-to-work bills, one regarding private sector unions and the other pertaining to public sector unions, passed through the state legislature. Reports indicate that the rushed bills, which received no committee hearings, are a response by the Republican dominated legislature to the defeat in November of Proposal 2, which would have enshrined certain union rights in the state constitution. Governor Rick Snyder, who had previously announced he was against right-to-work legislation, has come out strongly in favor of the new bills. During election season had he had told supporters of Proposal 2 to back down, saying that it would create a divisive atmosphere in the state. Though unions leaders have vowed to put the new laws to a referendum vote, reports indicate that they are being passed as part of appropriations bills and are therefore not subject to ballot referral.[1]

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