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Milad Pooran
Milad Pooran.jpg
Candidate for
U.S. House, Maryland, District 6
High schoolEleanor Roosevelt High School
Bachelor'sUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Master'sUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine
Military service
Service/branchUnited States Air Force Medical Corps
Campaign website
Milad Pooran campaign logo
Milad Pooran was a 2012 Democratic candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 6th Congressional District of Maryland. Pooran was defeated by John Delaney in the Democratic primary on April 3, 2012.[1]


Pooran grew up in Beltsville, Maryland and attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School. At the University of Maryland, College Park, he earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry.[2] Pooran also attended the UM School of Medicine in Baltimore, earning his medical doctorate in 2000. After completing a residency in internal medicine at UMUH, he completed his clinical fellowships at NIH, and went on to work in the Office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services, tackling national biodefense issues as well as H1N1 pandemic influenza.[2]


Pooran has served in private practice as a critical care physician and treats veterans at the VA Hospital serving western Maryland.[2]


  • U.S. Air Force active reserve with the Maryland Air National Guard, Lieutenant Colonel


Campaign themes


On his campaign website Pooran listed 10 leading issues that he was concerned about. They were:[3]

  • Jobs and the Economy: Excerpt: "We must expand the availability of credit to help small- and medium-sized businesses who really are “job creators.” We must prioritize legislation which encourages manufacturing, construction, and production of American goods by American workers in the United States. We must direct our economic policies toward investment in education and research, innovation as a primary driver of job growth and infrastructure repair and improvements."
  • Taxes and the Deficit: Excerpt: "The modern day tax code is the single greatest source of income inequality affecting all Americans. I will not vote to extend the Bush tax cuts again, which have added over $2 trillion to the national debt over the past 10 years...Our tax code must be fair and equitable. It needs to encourage investment and re-investment by the private sector in America and it has to be the cornerstone of our effort to eliminate our national deficit and balance our budget."
  • Healthcare: Excerpt: "The Affordable Care Act passed by Congress is a huge step forward in improving our national system. The health care bill brings the promise of real competition with the elimination of preexisting conditions as a barrier to changing coverage and a transparent national health insurance market. The Act is far from perfect, however, and I will work in Congress to improve it."
  • Education: Excerpt: "We must make it a national goal that higher education should be in the 21st century what high school became in the 20th – available for all...No matter how well meaning, the “No Child Left Behind” bill is failing because it has not been funded. It is hypocritical to make an eighth-grader “responsible” for her test scores while professional politicians don’t take responsibility for funding schools, teachers and students."
  • National Security: Excerpt: "The Global War on Terrorism is no longer in its infancy, but based on other similarly scaled efforts, the resources and time needed will far exceed what was originally anticipated. The American public will need to be better informed to maintain the necessary level of effort. Our goal will be to periodically reassess the strategies and tactics to ensure that we are meeting the objectives of the United States."
  • Social Security and Medicare: Excerpt: "Increasing lifespans, shrinking family sizes and falling wages are pushing the current Social Security system towards a revenue shortage. The Republican response to this is dangerous schemes to require elderly Americans to gamble with their savings in a largely unregulated and unstable stock market. In Congress, I will fight any attempts to privatize Social Security and Medicare."
  • Veterans: Excerpt: "Today’s soldiers are deployed longer and more often than those of a generation ago. Maintaining an effective fighting force requires an effort on the home front as important as the effort on the battlefront. Education and financial assistance aren’t charity. Our soldiers have sacrificed years of their lives in the field while others attended school, acquired social contacts and build careers. They need the opportunity to catch up, for themselves and for their families."
  • Energy Security: Excerpt: "I will call on Congress to enact a crash program of alternative energy development and commercialization, including wind, biomass, solar and hydro. These programs will help us become masters of own destiny, and create hundreds of thousands of well paying jobs. At the same time, I will work for help Americans conserve energy, with further tax incentives for hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles and home conversions, subsidies to states and communities to convert their fleets for higher mileage, and higher efficiency standards for automakers, covering all classes of vehicle."
  • Competitiveness and Net Neutrality: Excerpt: "America is in danger of being overtaken in innovation in health care, alternative energy, transportation, communications and other areas. And the bottom line is that this costs American jobs. We must take bold steps to regain and maintain our national edge and create well paying jobs for ourselves and our children. Americans invented the Internet and the cell phone. Today, though, we’re falling behind in information and communication technologies. In this critical, competitive area I will oppose allowing providers to increase profits without improving services, while the power of the consumer to compare features and costs is not protected."
  • Agriculture: Excerpt: "We must expand the allowed areas of investment for Section 1031 land exchange program money to include rural development projects, wind and biomass development, among others. We need to create incentives for rural alternative energy development. We must truly implement country-of-origin labeling."



Pooran was endorsed by former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.[4]



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Pooran ran in the 2012 election for the U.S. House to represent Maryland's 6th District. Pooran sought the nomination on the Democratic ticket, but he was defeated by John Delaney in the Democratic primary on April 3, 2012.[1]

The signature filing deadline for candidates wishing to run was January 11, 2012.[5]

U.S. House, Maryland, District 6 Democratic Primary, 2012
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngJohn Delaney 54.2% 20,414
Charles Bailey 4.2% 1,572
Rob Garagiola 29.1% 10,981
Ron Little 3% 1,131
Milad Pooran 9.5% 3,590
Total Votes 37,688


Poorand and is married to Amy, a pediatric critical care nurse. They enjoy walking their rescued puppy Aliza.[2]

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