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Millersville/Lancaster Township property annexation vote, 2009

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A Millersville/Lancaster Township property annexation vote was on the May 19, 2009 ballot in the Lancaster County.[1]

The annexation was approved.[2]

  • Yes: 780 (70.65%) Approveda
  • No: 324 (29.35%)

The question voters faced was whether the Millersville Borough should annex these properties that are currently in Lancaster Township:

  • 30 Wabank Road
  • 39 Wabank Road
  • 2101 Millersville Pike
  • 206 Creek Drive

Mistake on ballot

2101 Millersville Pike is mistakenly identified on the ballot as 2101 Millersville Road.

There is no 2100 block of Millersville Road. Mary Stehman, chief clerk of the county Board of Elections, said, "We put it on the ballot as it was submitted to us in the petition."

Concern has been expressed that the mistake will nullify the results of the vote.[1] quirky