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The Milwaukee County Circuit Court is the largest circuit court in the State of Wisconsin.[1] The court consists of 47 branches and has 22 court commissioners. There are nearly 150,000 cases filed annually in the court. The court comprises the First Judicial District of the State of Wisconsin. The chief judge is Jeffrey Kremers and the clerk of circuit court is John Barrett.[2] Hearings are held in five separate buildings: the Milwaukee County Courthouse, the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center, the Safety Building, the Behavioral Health Division, and the Criminal Justice Facility.[3]

The work of the court is done in five separate divisions: felony, misdemeanor/traffic, civil (including probate and small claims) and family and children's. Judges rotate from one division to another every three to four years; about one-quarter of the judges rotate each year.[3]

Milwaukee County Courthouse

Much of the court's work is done with the help of 22 court commissioners, appointed by the court, who handle preliminary and uncontested matters and make other important decisions subject to the review of circuit court judges.[2]


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 Unopposed   Judge Martin Joseph Donald
 Unopposed   Judge Clare Fiorenza
 Unopposed   Judge Ellen Brostrom
 Unopposed   Judge David Borowski
 Unopposed   Judge J.D. Watts
 Unopposed   Judge Michael Dwyer
 Unopposed   Judge Timothy Witkowiak
 Unopposed   Judge Richard John Sankovitz
 Unopposed   Judge Jeffrey Conen
 Unopposed   Judge Christopher Dee
 Unopposed   Judge David Allen Hansher
 Unopposed   David Feiss


Unopposed  Judge Thomas J. McAdams (Branch 7)
Unopposed  Judge William Brash (Branch 21)
Unopposed   Janet Claire Protasiewicz (Branch 24)
Unopposed  Judge Kevin Martens (Branch 27)
Unopposed  Judge Daniel Noonan (Branch 31)
Branch 32
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
PerezLaura Gramling PerezApprovedANo59%   ApprovedA
CornwallCedric Cornwall No41%   DefeatedD
Unopposed  Judge Rebecca Dallet (Branch 40)
Unopposed  Judge John DiMotto (Branch 41)


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CandidateIncumbencyPositionPrimary VoteElection Vote
UrferGilbert Urfer NoBranch 4511% 
ProtasiewiczJanet Claire Protasiewicz NoBranch 4529%ApprovedA46.77%   DefeatedD
SwansonDave SwansonApprovedANoBranch 1198.25%   ApprovedA
PocanWilliam PocanApprovedAYesBranch 2698.4%   ApprovedA
BradleyRebecca BradleyApprovedAYesBranch 4559%ApprovedA53%   ApprovedA


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CandidateIncumbencyPositionPrimary VoteElection Vote
GordonBonnie Gordon   ApprovedAYesBranch 46n/a100%   ApprovedA
StarkCarolina Maria Stark   ApprovedANoBranch 1735.3%ApprovedA56%   ApprovedA
LipscombChristopher R. Lipscomb    NoBranch 1730.8% 
MoroneyDennis Moroney   ApprovedAYesBranch 20n/a100%   ApprovedA
DuganHannah C. Dugan    NoBranch 23n/a40%   DefeatedD
CarrollJane Carroll   ApprovedAYesBranch 39n/a100%   ApprovedA
WagnerJeffrey Wagner   ApprovedAYesBranch 38n/a100%   ApprovedA
GradyLindsey Grady   ApprovedANoBranch 23n/a60%   ApprovedA
SandersMark A. Sanders   ApprovedANoBranch 28n/a100%   ApprovedA
MurrayMarshall Murray   ApprovedAYesBranch 43n/a100%   ApprovedA
FlanaganMel Flanagan   ApprovedAYesBranch 4n/a100%   ApprovedA
Phillips, IIINelson W. Phillips, III    YesBranch 1734%ApprovedA44%   DefeatedD
SosnayWilliam Sosnay   ApprovedAYesBranch 8n/a100%   ApprovedA

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