Minnesota Fourth Judicial District

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Minnesota Fourth Judicial District

The Minnesota Fourth Judicial District is one of ten judicial districts in Minnesota. It encompasses Hennepin County.

The Fourth Judicial District is Minnesota's largest trial court. It receives about 800,000 cases each year, while the Minnesota District Courts altogether hear about 2 million cases a year. The court had 62 judges, 16 referees and more than 550 staff members.[1][2]


These judges serve in the Fourth Judicial District.

Civil court

Criminal court

Division 1: Downtown

Community court

DWI court and Model drug court

Property-drug court

Domestic violence court

Mental health court & veterans court

Serious traffic court

Family court

Juvenile court

Probate/Mental health court

Senior judges

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Unopposed  Judge William H. Koch (Seat 1)
Unopposed  Judge Kerry Meyer (Seat 5)
Unopposed  Judge Philip D. Bush (Seat 9)
Unopposed  Judge Kathryn L. Quaintance (Seat 10)
Unopposed  Judge Martha Holton Dimick (Seat 14)
Seat 16
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MooreJames A. Moore (Minnesota)ApprovedAYes66.2%   ApprovedA
RiversBruce Michael Rivers No33.3%   DefeatedD
Unopposed  Judge Gina M. Brandt (Seat 19)
Unopposed  Judge Daniel Moreno (Seat 20)
Unopposed  Judge Pamela G. Alexander (Seat 25)
Unopposed  Judge Jay Quam (Seat 27)
Unopposed  Judge Toddrick S. Barnette (Seat 28)
Unopposed  Judge Susan Robiner (Seat 30)
Unopposed  Judge Margaret A. Daly (Seat 31)
Unopposed  Judge Peter A. Cahill (Seat 32)
Unopposed  Judge Kathleen D. Sheehy (Seat 38)
Unopposed  Judge Luis Bartolomei (Seat 42)
Seat 43
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ScogginPaul Scoggin No24.1%ApprovedA38.6%   DefeatedD
GiancolaMark Gabriel Giancola No5.5% 
HutchisonJason T. Hutchison No5.3% 
NortonGlen A. Norton No7.9% 
HagertyBrian C. Hagerty No15.5% 
CraggDaniel Cragg No7.1% 
SullivanBridget Ann SullivanApprovedANo34.6%ApprovedA60.9%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Tanya Bransford (Seat 47)
Unopposed  Judge Ivy Bernhardson (Seat 51)
Seat 53
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
RittsChris Ritts No35.6%   DefeatedD
BensonBev BensonApprovedANo63.9%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Kristin Siegesmund (Seat 54)
Unopposed  Judge Edward T. Wahl (Seat 55)
Unopposed  Judge Herbert P. Lefler (Seat 56)
Unopposed  Judge Jeannice M. Reding (Seat 57)
Unopposed  Judge James T. Swenson (Seat 58)
Seat 61
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
AntolakSteven E. Antolak No8.8% 
DawsonAmy DawsonApprovedANo26.8%ApprovedA53.8%   ApprovedA
ArnesonMark E. Arneson No16.7% 
BrandlJean M. Brandl No16.2% 
AhoBeverly J. Aho No31.6%ApprovedA45.7%   DefeatedD
Unopposed  Judge Ronald Abrams (Seat 62)


CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
PetersonBruce A. Peterson   ApprovedAYesCourt 5098.63%   ApprovedA
MableyDaniel Mabley   ApprovedAYesCourt 3598.58%   ApprovedA
PiperDavid Piper   ApprovedAYesCourt 698.57%   ApprovedA
ReillyDenise D. Reilly   ApprovedAYes98.65%   ApprovedA
MagillFrank Magill   ApprovedAYesCourt 298.56%   ApprovedA
Jamie L. Anderson   ApprovedAYesCourt 4098.62%   ApprovedA
McShaneJohn Q. McShane   ApprovedAYesCourt 4898.59%   ApprovedA
ConroyLois Conroy   ApprovedANoCourt 4458.36%   ApprovedA
NorrisLyonel Norris   ApprovedAYesCourt 4998.65%   ApprovedA
RegisM. Jacqueline Regis   ApprovedAYesCourt 3398.63%   ApprovedA
BerrisMarc S. Berris    NoCourt 4440.85%   DefeatedD
RosenbaumMarilyn B. Rosenbaum   ApprovedAYesCourt 4598.64%   ApprovedA
VasalyMary R. Vasaly   ApprovedAYesCourt 4698.70%   ApprovedA
BraselNancy E. Brasel   ApprovedAYesCourt 2998.68%   ApprovedA
RobbenPatrick D. Robben   ApprovedAYesCourt 5998.53%   ApprovedA
CarruthersPhilip C. Carruthers   ApprovedAYesCourt 1598.56%   ApprovedA
CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
CutterElizabeth V. Cutter   ApprovedANoCourt 2242.3%ApprovedA68.51%   ApprovedA
AntolakSteven E. Antolak    No22.3%ApprovedA30.72%   DefeatedD