Minnesota GOP endorses Secretary of State candidate

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May 3, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota: Dan Severson, a Republican member of the Minnesota State House representing the 14A district since 2002, received the unanimous endorsement of his state party peers on Thursday, April 29, 2010, the opening night of the three-day State GOP convention. Severson, a former United States Navy Seal and current Minority Whip for the Minnesota House of Representatives, ran unopposed. With the signature deadline on July 20 and the state primary election set to be held on September 14, Severson appears poised to challenge incumbent Democrat Mark Ritchie this November.

Passing legislation that requires state voters to present a photo identification in order to cast a ballot will be the main issue in the secretary of state campaign, the state representative said. "Photo ID is the number one issue," he told the convention. "It will bring us the integrity in elections that we so desperately need."[1] Ritchie, who has served as Minnesota's Secretary of State, has had ties with the controversial political action group ACORN and the George Soros funded Secretary of State Project.

During his tenure as Minnesota's Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie has had a number of ties with political activist organizations associated with voter election fraud. In the midst of the highly controversial recount for the 2008 senatorial race between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and former-SNL writer/personality Al Franken, the media, both statewide and nationally, largely ignored the fact that Ritchie, who chaired the nonpartisan Minnesota Canvassing Board overseeing the recount, received an endorsement in addition to campaign donations from the Minnesota ACORN Political Action Committee in 2006. Additionally, "Ritchie blocked an investigation of ACORN ... despite evidence of 'a number of irregularities' in Minnesota voter records," according to Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Majority, a nonpartisan legislative watchdog organization.[2]

The Center for Public Integrity also reported in September 2008 that Mark Ritchie received both the endorsement and financial assistance (nearly $23,000)[3] from the Secretary of State Project, a below-the-radar 527 political organization whose purpose is to "wrestling control of the country from the Republican Party" through the process of "removing their political operatives from deciding who can vote and whose votes will count," namely the office of Secretary of State in many cases.[4]

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