Minnesota Legislature likely to hold special session to address flood relief

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June 28, 2012


By Greg Janetka

ST. PAUL, Minnesota: While the Minnesota State Legislature officially adjourned for the year on May 10, 2012, it appears likely that Governor Mark Dayton (D) could be calling them back soon to deal with major damage recently inflicted upon the state by floods.[1]

A legislative delegation toured flood-ravaged areas in Duluth yesterday. Their sentiments regarding the destruction were summed up by Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem (R) who stated simply, "You could tell the power of the raging water. It was pretty devastating."[1]

Dayton will not decide on the possible special session until the full scope of the damage is understood and the state formally requests a disaster declaration from the federal government.[2]

Since the beginning of 2012, there have been 14 special sessions in 12 states.

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