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Minnesota judicial elections, 2012

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Judicial Elections
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Elections, 2012
Judicial election dates

The Minnesota judicial elections consisted of a primary on August 14th and general election on November 6th.[1]

Minnesota judicial elections summary, 2012

  Supreme Appellate Trial
Total candidates 8 2 79
Unopposed candidates 0 2 69
Judges re-elected 3 2 64
Judges not re-elected 0 0
New judges elected 0 10
Partisan or Nonpartisan   Nonpartisan  

Supreme Court

Chief justice

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
GriffithDan Griffith    NoChief Justice29.4%ApprovedA39.59%   DefeatedD
ClarkJill Clark (Minnesota)    NoChief Justice21% 
GildeaLorie Gildea   ApprovedAYes49.7%ApprovedA60.0%   ApprovedA

Place 1

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
AndersonBarry Anderson (Minnesota)   ApprovedAYesPlace 158.94%   ApprovedA
BarkleyDean Barkley    NoPlace 140.65%   DefeatedD

Place 4

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
NelsonAlan Nelson    NoPlace 421.7% 
StrasDavid Stras   ApprovedAYesPlace 448.8%ApprovedA55.95%   ApprovedA
TingelstadTim Tingelstad    NoPlace 429.4%ApprovedA43.62%   DefeatedD

Court of Appeals

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
Flaskamp HalbrooksJill Flaskamp Halbrooks   ApprovedAYes99.03%   ApprovedA
WorkeRenee Worke   ApprovedAYes98.98%   ApprovedA

District Courts

Tenth Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
Fountain LindbergBethany A. Fountain Lindberg   ApprovedAYesCourt 2199.17%   ApprovedA
StreetDyanna L. Street   ApprovedAYesCourt 1299.18%   ApprovedA
MartinElizabeth H. Martin   ApprovedAYesCourt 1399.20%   ApprovedA
DehnJames E. Dehn   ApprovedAYesCourt 1099.15%   ApprovedA
MottlKathleen A. Mottl   ApprovedAYesCourt 1199.18%   ApprovedA
YunkerMary Yunker   ApprovedAYesCourt 3399.14%   ApprovedA
AndersonP. Hunter Anderson   ApprovedAYesCourt 299.03%   ApprovedA
GibbsSean C. Gibbs   ApprovedAYesCourt 2599.19%   ApprovedA
HallSharon L. Hall   ApprovedAYesCourt 1799.19%   ApprovedA
SchoffelmanTodd R. Schoffelman   ApprovedAYesCourt 1699.20%   ApprovedA

Ninth Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
SweeneyDiana Sweeney    NoCourt 740.49%   DefeatedD
AskegaardErik Askegaard   ApprovedAYesCourt 1399.42%   ApprovedA
MelbyeJohn G. Melbye   ApprovedAYesCourt 759.29%   ApprovedA
ZimmermanRichard A. Zimmerman   ApprovedANoCourt 1099.42%   ApprovedA
SchluchterShari R. Schluchter   ApprovedANoCourt 199.35%   ApprovedA

Eighth Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
GladrudCharles Glasrud   ApprovedANoCourt 599.45%   ApprovedA
SpilsethDonald Spilseth   ApprovedANoCourt 899.35%   ApprovedA
KnutsenDwayne N. Knutsen   ApprovedANoCourt 399.56%   ApprovedA
SeibelGerald Seibel   ApprovedANoCourt 699.52%   ApprovedA

Seventh Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
HansonBarb Hanson   ApprovedAYesCourt 1999.41%   ApprovedA
CashmanBill Cashman   ApprovedAYesCourt 2099.40%   ApprovedA
Davick-HalfenKris Davick-Halfen   ApprovedAYesCourt 199.37%   ApprovedA
MahlerMary Mahler   ApprovedAYesCourt 799.39%   ApprovedA
LandwehrVicki Landwehr   ApprovedAYesCourt 1099.37%   ApprovedA
SenykWaldemar Senyk   ApprovedAYesCourt 1299.37%   ApprovedA

Sixth Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
HarrisDale O. Harris   ApprovedAYesCourt 699.25%   ApprovedA
FloreyJames B. Florey   ApprovedAYesCourt 599.21%   ApprovedA
StarrMark M. Starr   ApprovedAYesCourt 1099.04%   ApprovedA
FloerkeShaun R. Floerke   ApprovedAYesCourt 899.22%   ApprovedA

Fifth Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
WalkerBradley C. Walker   ApprovedAYesCourt 1199.3%   ApprovedA
JassKrista Jass   ApprovedAYesCourt 1499.39%   ApprovedA

Fourth Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
CutterElizabeth V. Cutter   ApprovedANoCourt 2242.3%ApprovedA68.51%   ApprovedA
AntolakSteven E. Antolak    No22.3%ApprovedA30.72%   DefeatedD
CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
PetersonBruce A. Peterson   ApprovedAYesCourt 5098.63%   ApprovedA
MableyDaniel Mabley   ApprovedAYesCourt 3598.58%   ApprovedA
PiperDavid Piper   ApprovedAYesCourt 698.57%   ApprovedA
ReillyDenise D. Reilly   ApprovedAYes98.65%   ApprovedA
MagillFrank Magill   ApprovedAYesCourt 298.56%   ApprovedA
Jamie L. Anderson   ApprovedAYesCourt 4098.62%   ApprovedA
McShaneJohn Q. McShane   ApprovedAYesCourt 4898.59%   ApprovedA
ConroyLois Conroy   ApprovedANoCourt 4458.36%   ApprovedA
NorrisLyonel Norris   ApprovedAYesCourt 4998.65%   ApprovedA
RegisM. Jacqueline Regis   ApprovedAYesCourt 3398.63%   ApprovedA
BerrisMarc S. Berris    NoCourt 4440.85%   DefeatedD
RosenbaumMarilyn B. Rosenbaum   ApprovedAYesCourt 4598.64%   ApprovedA
VasalyMary R. Vasaly   ApprovedAYesCourt 4698.70%   ApprovedA
BraselNancy E. Brasel   ApprovedAYesCourt 2998.68%   ApprovedA
RobbenPatrick D. Robben   ApprovedAYesCourt 5998.53%   ApprovedA
CarruthersPhilip C. Carruthers   ApprovedAYesCourt 1598.56%   ApprovedA

Third Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
StevensChristina K. Stevens   ApprovedAYesCourt 199.19%   ApprovedA
LongChristine A. Long   ApprovedAYesCourt 1299.35%   ApprovedA
JacobsonDebra A. Jacobson   ApprovedAYesCourt 1099.30%   ApprovedA
ThompsonJeffrey D. Thompson   ApprovedAYesCourt 499.28%   ApprovedA
CajacobJohn T. Cajacob   ApprovedAYesCourt 299.31%   ApprovedA
ChaseJoseph F. Chase   ApprovedAYesCourt 1599.32%   ApprovedA
BirnbaumRobert Birnbaum   ApprovedAYesCourt 999.36%   ApprovedA
LeuningRoss Leuning   ApprovedAYesCourt 599.34%   ApprovedA

Second Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
AlshouseDiane R. Alshouse   ApprovedAYesCourt 2998.55%   ApprovedA
WilsonEdward S. Wilson   ApprovedAYesCourt 2498.59%   ApprovedA
OstbyElena L. Ostby   ApprovedAYesCourt 2898.55%   ApprovedA
BastainGary W. Bastain   ApprovedANoCourt 1198.50%   ApprovedA
JohnsonGregg E. Johnson   ApprovedAYesCourt 1298.56%   ApprovedA
ClarkJames H. Clark   ApprovedAYesCourt 298.48%   ApprovedA
VandenorthJohn B. Vandenorth   ApprovedANoCourt 698.52%   ApprovedA
Ott MarekLezlie Ott Marek   ApprovedAYesCourt 598.51%   ApprovedA
AwsumbRobert A. Awsumb   ApprovedAYesCourt 1998.54%   ApprovedA
MillenackerRobyn Millenacker   ApprovedAYesCourt 1498.55%   ApprovedA
WarnerTeresa R. Warner   ApprovedAYesCourt 2298.63%   ApprovedA

First Judicial District

CandidateIncumbencyPlacePrimary VoteElection Vote
PerkkioArlene Perkkio   ApprovedAYesCourt 299.07%   ApprovedA
GravelyBrian A. Gravely    NoCourt 2034.77%   DefeatedD
KnutsonDavid L. Knutson   ApprovedAYesCourt 699.21%   ApprovedA
HansonDiane M. Hanson   ApprovedAYesCourt 1063.29%   ApprovedA
MacDonaldErica H. MacDonald   ApprovedAYesCourt 1999.22%   ApprovedA
MesserichKathryn D. Messerich   ApprovedAYesCourt 2064.92%   ApprovedA
MayerMichael J. Mayer   ApprovedAYesCourt 1499.22%   ApprovedA
LarsonMichael L. Larson    NoCourt 1036.38%   DefeatedD
SavreMichael R. Savre   ApprovedAYesCourt 2699.21%   ApprovedA
ConkelTerrence E. Conkel   ApprovedAYesCourt 2999.19%   ApprovedA

In the News

Minnesota election recap, 2012

Here are some highlights from the recent judiciary elections held earlier this month in Minnesota. The state had a total of 89 judiciary candidates in all.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court level featured three races: Chief Justice, Place 1 and Place 4. All three races were sound victories for the incumbent candidate. For Chief Justice, incumbent Lorie Gildea retained her seat, soundly defeating Dan Griffith by 20 percentage points. Place 1 winner, incumbent Barry Anderson, beat Dean Barkley. Interestingly, Anderson once spoke out against judicial elections. Finally, Alan Nelson once again beat Tim Tingelstad . The two faced each other for the same seat in 2008.

Court of Appeals

On the Court of Appeals level, two incumbents ran for re-election to their seats. Jill Flaskamp Halbrooks began serving on the court in 1998 after being appointed and was retained in 2000 and 2006. Renee Worke began her time on the court by appointment in 2005 and was subsequently elected to a full term in 2006. Halbrooks and Worke’s terms expire at the end of 2018.

District Courts

The bulk of Minnesota’s 89 elections were at this level. Most of the elections featured unopposed candidates, as well. Of the 74 elections at this level, only 5 were contested. The incumbents in each of those contested elections won the election and kept their seats.

Big win in the Fourth District

As featured in JP Election Brief: Highlights of the 2012 judicial elections on November 15, 2012

In an overwhelming victory, Elizabeth V. Cutter upset Steven E. Antolak to win a seat on the Fourth Judicial District. She received 68.51% of the vote to Mr. Antolak's 30.72%. Interestingly, Cutter won the primary by 20%. Perhaps, then, it is no real surprise that Cutter won so convincingly on November 6. She will take office in January 2013.

Minnesota Supreme Court race

As featured in JP Election Brief: The Supreme Court Special on October 18, 2012.

This year, there are three Minnesota Supreme Court seats up for election: Place 1, Place 4, and the Chief Justice seat. Only 2 of the 3 Supreme Court races were considered in the primary, the Chief Justice and Place 4 seats. In those races, three candidates competed for each seat and the two candidates receiving the most votes proceeded to the general election. In both of the primary races, the incumbent was successful.

In the race for the Chief Justice position, incumbent Justice Lorie Gildea and challenger Dan Griffith won the highest vote percentages and will compete against one another in the general election. In the race for Place 4, incumbent Justice David Stras and Tim Tingelstad will face one another in the general election.

Both incumbents received higher vote percentages in the primaries than their closest competitor. In their respective races, Gildea received approximately 50% of the vote to Griffith's 29%, while Stras received approximately 49% of the votes to Tingelstad's 29%, making it very likely that both incumbents will be re-elected.

Place 1 was not contested in the primary, but will see incumbent Barry Anderson compete against challenger Dean Barkley in the general election. Barkley previously served as a lobbyist and campaign manager for former governor Jesse Ventura and is a member of the Independence Party.

In all likelihood, all incumbents will be re-elected to their seats, maintaining the current state of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Candidate's views

I believe a Judge’s job is to listen to the facts, find the truth, and apply the law, not rewrite it. Government is either our master or our servant. Our right to vote reminds our leaders, including our judges, that they work for us.[2]
-Dan Griffith[3]
For fourteen years I have had the honor of serving you, first on the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and since 2004, on the Minnesota Supreme Court. I believe judges must perform their duties in a fair, impartial and nonpartisan manner, and must uphold the rule of law, recognizing the limited, but important, role the people have assigned to our courts. And my travels around our state, visiting with Minnesotans from all walks of life, have confirmed for me that these principles, foundational building blocks for our democracy, are widely shared.[4]
-Barry Anderson[3]

Primary results in Minnesota

As featured in JP Election Brief: August primaries settling judicial races on August 16, 2012.

The Minnesota primary election was Tuesday, August 14th, and the results are in! Only three judicial seats were considered in the primary: the Chief Justice and Place 4 seats on the Supreme Court, and a seat on the Fourth Judicial District Court (Court 22). In Minnesota the two candidates that receive the highest votes in the primary proceed on to the general election. The election of judges in Minnesota is nonpartisan.

In both Supreme Court races, three candidates were vying for two seats. In both races, the incumbent was successful in their bid for re-election. In the race for the Chief Justice position incumbent Lorie Gildea and challenger Dan Griffith will compete against one another in the general election. In the race for Place 4 judge incumbent David Stras and Tim Tingelstad received enough votes to continue on to the general election. In the Supreme Court races challengers Alan Nelson and Jill Clark were defeated, both receiving approximately 21% of the vote in their races.

In the only District Court race to require a primary, Fourth Judicial District, Court 22, Elizabeth V. Cutter and Steven E. Antolak are continuing on to the general election. No incumbent was running for this seat, and neither continuing candidate is currently serving as a judge. Two other challengers, Diane M. Krenz and Deborah Russell, were defeated in the primary. Antolak received 22.27% of the primary vote, while Cutter received 42.32%.

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