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The Mississippi Center for Public Policy is a 501(c)(3) "independent, non-profit, public policy organization based in Jackson, MS. MCPP works to promote and protect the concepts of free markets, limited government and strong traditional families."[1]

Transparency projects

Transparency in government

MCPP inaugurated the Transparency in Government Project in the summer of 2008. The project's goal is to promote ease of access to public records in Mississippi via state and local level websites. The center chose Madison County's website to be a model for other counties to follow. The Madison County website already offered a fair amount of information for taxpayers to peruse; at MCPP's suggestion, they would be expanding the amount of information available.[2]

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy launched its new spending website, See the Spending Mississippi, which allows taxpayers to see spending in the state government. Users may search by vendors and programs. The website contains tax information, revenue, spending and contracts. The MCPP will add county and school district spending.[3]

Legislative votes

MCPP's website has a page that presents the state legislature's votes on each day.[4]

"Vital Signs Interactive"

Vital Signs Interactive allows users to access the statistics used by MCPP in its research and create their own graphs and listings.

"A Stone's Throw"

A Stone's Throw is the first movie released by MCPP. Focused on school choice, the film "demonstrates the desire of Mississippi parents, teachers, pastors and students to have more public school options."[5]


P.O. Box 13514
Jackson, MS 39236
Phone: (601)969-1300
Fax: (601)969-1600

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