Mississippi school superintendents may no longer be elected in future

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January 30, 2012


JACKSON, Mississippi: The question of whether or nor school superintendents should be appointed rather than elected is expected to be on the state Legislative's agenda in the coming session. Districts across the state have been getting heat from residents as they are forced to raise taxes for schools as mandated by state law to meet the requirements of the schools. School boards throughout the state differ in being appointed or elected, members at the county level are usually elected though at the municipal level they are appointed instead. Some representatives have been getting feedback from residents that they would like to see those board members at the municipal level also elected as a way for them to be more accountable to voters. Though arguments against note that they are accountable in that the Mayor appoints them and it the people vote for the mayor who appointed members then that means they are voting in favor of them as well. The opposite though has been heard for superintendents, the push has been to make the positions appointed so that a more qualified person would hold the position. The superintendent would be accountable to the board which then if it is elected would be accountable to the people of the municipality.[1]


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