Missouri "puppy mill" compromise offered for consideration

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April 19, 2011

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SPRINGFIELD, Missouri: Days following the legislature's approval of a revision of Proposition B, Gov. Jay Nixon offered a compromise between proposed revisions and the voter-approved Proposition B.[1] Although the new plan is supported by several Proposition B supporters it still requires the approval of the legislature and the governor's signature. The 2011 legislative session is scheduled to end May 13, 2011.

According to reports, the new plan would:[2]

  • repeal the maximum limit of 50 breeding dogs per business
  • repeal a provision to send first-time dog care violators to jail
  • double existing space requirements for current businesses by January 2012 and tripled by January 2016 (Any facilities constructed after April 15, 2011 would have to immediately comply with the tripled space requirements.)
  • require food and water access at least twice daily
  • require at least one yearly exam and prompt treatment for "serious illness or injury"

The new agreement was signed by the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation and by supporters of the proposed legislative bill SB 113. The state chapter of the Humane Society supports the new proposal. However, Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of national Humane Society, disagrees and said that the will of the voters should be respected and Proposition B should remain.[2]

Efforts to repeal and revise Proposition B have been in full swing since the measure's approval. Read about past proposals, including the latest SB 113 here.

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