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The Missouri Association of Counties is a government sector lobbying associations in Missouri. It is the Missouri chapter of the National Association of Counties.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The Missouri Association of Counties has a registered lobbyist with the Missouri Ethics Commission.[1]

Legislative activities

Todd Smith, a lobbyist for the Missouri Association of Counties, said that the organization was opposed to HB 316, a bill before the 2009 session that sought to narrow the definition of the times a public meeting may be moved into closed session, require five days notice of public meetings (rather than the then-current 24 hours required notice) and provide public records in electronic format if they are stored that way. Smith argued that the bill goes too far in requiring transparent accountability of governmental officials and suggested that "If minutes must be written up every time two of the three county commissioners ride together in a car, 'you're going to require them to drive individually or have someone taking notes'."[2]

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