Missouri Lieutenant Governor Denied Challenge of Affordable Care Act

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October 9, 2012


By Joel Williams

Jefferson City, Missouri:

A three-judge panel from the United States 8th Circuit Court recently dismissed Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder's lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act.[1] Kinder, who filed as an individual rather than as a state official, was joined in his lawsuit by several other individuals seeking to overturn the act commonly referred to as "Obamacare." This comes to a blow for Kinder's campaign, as he frequently promotes his appeal while on the campaign trail.[2]

The 8th Circuit Court upheld the decision of a lower court, who dismissed the case because the Affordable Care Act did not immediately threaten Kinder's personal rights. The ruling did not mention anything about the law's constitutionality, which others are currently challenging in court. Kinder released a statement expressing his disappointment after learning about the ruling, but insisted that “the battle is not over” and he will explore other options to oppose the Affordable Care Act.[1]

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