Missouri lawmakers seek to repeal or amend Proposition B

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November 8, 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri: Following the approval of Proposition B lawmakers announced that they would support efforts to repeal or change the approved measure. According to unofficial election results, Proposition B was approved by 51.6%. Rep. Tom Loehner said, "We're in discussions with a few people and trying to get together with ag groups, representatives and senators and also our legal people on exactly what we can do and what our options are."[1][2] The measure was and continues to be opposed by licensed breeders and the agricultural community. According to Barbara Schmitz, spokesperson for the campaign in support of Prop B (Missourians for the Protection of Dogs), "If lawmakers do not respect the will of the people and do try to alter Prop B, we will fight to remind them that the voters have spoken."[3]

The legislative session begins January 5, 2011.

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