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Missouri sunshine lawsuits

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Here is a list of major FOIA court decisions and their effect on the Missouri Sunshine Law.
(The cases are listed alphabetically. To order them by year please click the icon to the right of the Year heading)

" Year Precedent
Librach v. Cooper 1989
North Kansas City Hospital Board of Trustees v. St. Luke's Northland Hospital 1998 This case established a number of important precedents:
  1. Public hospitals cannot separate themselves from the public bodies that created them and are thus subject to the Missouri Sunshine Law.
  2. Missouri Trade Secret laws do not create an exemption for public records information that would otherwise be available to the public through records requests.
  3. Individuals entering into contract with government reserve no right to privacy about the contract.
  4. Affirmed the decision of Librach v. Cooper, namely that employee contracts are not exempt as personal records.
Remington v. City of Boonville 1985 This case established that Quasi-Judicial bodies are not exempted from the Missouri Sunshine Law for open meetings.
Tuft v. City of St. Louis 1995