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Monmouth County is one of 21 counties in New Jersey. The population is 630,380 as of 2009.[1]

Website evaluation

The good

  • Budget is published.[2]
  • Annual audits, financial reports, and debt statements are available.[3]
  • Meetings posted on the calendar.[4]
  • County freeholders listed with contact information.[5] Meeting minutes[6] and agenda[7] available.
  • Information and form to make public records request is posted.[8]
  • Local tax information provided.[9]
  • Current and awarded bids are posted.[10]
  • Permits and zoning are not applied at a county level in New Jersey.

The bad


The 2011 budget is $491.5 million which is $1.9 million less than 2010.[11] The budget left taxes flat while keeping the same services and programs.[12] The county has accepted a bid from a power supplier in Bergen County that will save $1.75 million in electricity costs over two years.[13]

Area Cost Compared to 2010
Salaries and Wages $176,709,139 -$1,577,306
Other Expense $224,437,855 -$3,458,230
Capital Improvements $250,000 -$2,500,000
Debt Service $50,853,004 $1,135,536
Deferred Charges $39,250,000 $4,500,000
Total $491,500,000 -$1,900,000


Monmouth County received a total of $169,726,555 from the economic stimulus package.[14]

# of Awards Total Amount Reported Jobs
Contracts 36 $18,243,341 71.83
Grants 212 $148,827,214 41.57
Loans 1 $2,656,000 6.06
Total 249 $169,726,555 119.46

Public Employees

Elected Officials

Generally, the Freeholder Board's duties include[15]:

  • Budgeting
  • Authorizing expenditures and bonds.
  • Appointments
  • Overseeing county governance
First Last Position Term Expiration
Robert Clifton Director 2014
John Curley Deputy Director 2013
Lillian Burry Freeholder 2012
Amy Mallet Freeholder 2012
Thomas Arnone Freeholder 2014

Robert Clifton is a Republican and has served on the board since 2005 becoming Director in 2011.[16]

Administrative Officials

Teri O'Connor has been the County Administrator since 2010. She earns a salary of $155,000 and is currently serving a four year term after being approved 4-1 by the Freeholder Board. John Curley voted against her because he didn't believe she should get a raise from her previous salary of $135,000 while the county was under a salary freeze for all non-union employees. Democratic Freeholder John D’Amico responded by noting that the county could be subject to a discrimination suit because the last three administrators were the highest paid employees in the county.[17]


  • Carries out policies passed by freeholders
  • Manager of 60 departments


See also: New Jersey public pensions

The 2011 budget allocates $5,773,396 to pension costs.[19] According to Data Universe, the highest current annual pension is $94,017.84 to Fredrica Brown who is enrolled in the Public Employee Retirement System and worked for the county from 1968 to 2000.[20]

Emergency personnel

The 2011 budget for public safety is $92,077,929.[21]

Public employee salaries

See also: Monmouth County employee salaries

The 2011 budget allocates $176,709,139 to salaries and wages.[22] The Monmouth Regional Board of Education sets salaries each year.[23]

Name Salary 11-12
Charles R. Ford, Jr., Superintendent $142,800.00
Andrew Teeple, Principal $132,000.00
Anthony De Orio, Administrator $112,162.13
Gayle Fitzmaier, Administrator $105,432.40
Scott Larkin, Administrator $98,141.86
Kathy Mihalko, Administrator $83,439.81
Diana Davis, Supervisor $130,140.60
Steve Di Donato, Supervisor $131,678.34
Victoria Romana, Supervisor $79,741.96
Ron Wardell, Supervisor $95,592.78


See also: New Jersey government sector lobbying

In 2008, Monmouth County reported $60,000 spent on lobbying.[24]

Transparency & public records

The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) was passed by the NJ State Legislature in 2001 and guarantees citizen access to a wide variety of government documents. For more information on OPRA and public records see OPRA Central.

The website provides access to public records from many departments and has the most popular forms posted.[25]


The county raises revenue through property taxes and various fees.[26] The 2011 budget includes revenue sources.[27]

Source Revenue
Local $68,660,126
State Aid $21,889,199
Other $54,610,674
Amount to be Raise by Taxes $302,475,000
Total $491,500,000

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