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Judge denies candidate's petition to get on ballot

A Missoula woman who ran unsuccessfully as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate may not get back on the ballot.

Patty Lovaas believes that Montana Republicans did not intend to select Bob Kelleher as their nominee. So, she sued in federal court to be allowed on the ballot as an independent.

But on Tuesday, Judge Sam Haddon of Butte denied her petition ruling that since she first ran in a party primary, state law bars her from the November ballot.

"I think it's an absolute travesty. And I don't think he considered the argument," said Lovaas in reaction to the ruling. "So, what we have here is two Democratic socialists, no discussion of the issues, questionable ability for either one of them to do the service that is needed."

Lovaas now is asking the Montana Secretary of State to allow her to register as a write-in candidate. But, that deadline for that passed last Friday.[1]

Nader makes Montana presidential ballot

Supporters of Ralph Nader have gathered enough signatures to to qualify the him as an independent presidential candidate in Montana's primary election along with vice presidential candidate Mike Gonzalez.

Independent candidates for president can qualify for the ballot by gathering signatures on a petition for nomination. The petition must have the signatures of electors equal to five percent or more of the total votes cast for the successful candidate for governor at the last general election, or 5,000 electors, whichever is less. This election cycle, 5,000 petition signatures were required.

As of Thursday, August 14th, Nader and Gonzalez supporters had turned in 6,604 signatures.[2]

Attorney General rules on county initiatives

Attorney General Mike McGrath issued a formal statement on June 22, 2008 that all residents of Ravalli County - including those living in incorporated areas like cities - are "qualified voters" when it comes to voting on county initiatives.

In 2006, Ravalli County residents sponsored two zoning initiatives. During the signature-gathering process to place the measures on the ballot, the county said that the only acceptable signatures were those of voters in unincorporated areas of the county. During the November 2006 election, only voters living in unincorporated areas were allowed to vote on the countywide zoning initiatives. ...more (dead link)

First Montana initiative to qualify in 2008

Supporters of Montana Healthy Kids Plan Act, I-155 (2008) announced on June 18 that they had collected more than enough signatures to qualify the measure for the November 2008 ballot in Montana. They needed to turn in 22,308 valid signatures by the state's petition drive deadline of June 20, 2008.[3][4]

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