Montana Governor vetoes repeal of 2004 medical marijuana measure

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April 14, 2011

Governor Schweitzer vetoed House Bill 161 on April 13.

HELENA, Montana: Medical marijuana patients can breathe easy for now, as an approved repeal of a 2004 medical marijuana initiative was vetoed by the governor. The proposed repeal was vetoed by Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer on April 13, 2011 stating that the repeal was contrary to the decision voters made in 2004. The governor stated, "There were many people out there who said there is a medicine out there that is not currently legal." Schweitzer also stated, though, that stricter regulations on medical marijuana are needed, saying, "I'm not a doctor, but we have heard from doctors and patients that this medicine helps them. Do we need 28,000 (medical marijuana) patients? I doubt it."[1]

House Bill 161 was proposed by the Montana Legislature during 2011 state legislative session, and was introduced to repeal Measure I-148, effectively killing the state's medical marijuana law. HB 161 passed through both the Montana House of Representatives and the Montana State Senate, which only left the Governor of Montana to sign the measure for it to become a law.

The medical marijuana initiative was approved on November 2, 2004 with 61.8% of state voters in favor of the proposal. To read more about the proposed repeal, click here to view the text of the legislation.[2]

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