Montana Representative announces 2012 run for State Auditor

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September 15, 2011

Derek Skees (R), confirms he will run for State Auditor in 2012.

HELENA, Montana: Montana Representative Derek Skees (R) has confirmed he will challenge Democratic incumbent Monica Lindeen in the race for State Auditor in 2012. Skees was elected to the 4th District of the Montana House of Representatives in 2010.[1]

Skees' mission is listed on his campaign website for State Auditor:
Excerpt: "My goal will always be to leave the citizens of this state more free than when I took office. I will be a tireless advocate of Tax and government waste reduction. We must treat the current financial crisis as free market advocates and work to reduce the governments spending so that we don’t have to raise taxes. We must hold sacred the Property Rights of each citizen and work to turn back the clock on the erosion of those unalienable rights. State law should guarantee that the security of the individual is assured by his firearms and not the power of the police state."

He adds, "Montana needs men and women for this session of congress that can make the tough decisions we need them to make. No new taxes, accountability in spending and budget reduction measures and policies that make job growth in the private sector a reality. We can recover from this and we can provide a future for ourselves that will be back to the prosperity we want, and we can only do this through the polling stations in this year’s election."

Republicans currently hold a firm majority on the Montana House of Representatives.

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 41
     Republican Party 59
Total 100

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