Montana University System Tax Act, LR-118 (2008)

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The Montana University System Tax Act, also known as LR-118 or the 6-Mill Levy, was a legislatively-referred state statute on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Montana, where it was approved.

Election results

Montana LR-118 (6-Mill Levy)
Approveda Yes 264,158 56.8%

Official results via: The Montana Secretary of State


Supporters included:

Arguments in favor of LR-118

Notable arguments made in support of the measure included:

  • The initiative does not represent a tax increase, just a continuation of a tax that has been active since 1948.
  • The 6 Mill Levy is "a tiny fraction" of a home owner's taxes, but it accounts for "about 9%" of the total state support for higher education.
  • The levy pays for educational programs for nearly 42,000 students.
  • The 6 Mill Levy is "an important Montana tradition," having been around since 1920 and having been approved by voters every decade since.


Opponents included:

Arguments against LR-118

Notable arguments made in opposition to the measure included:

  • It is unfair for Montanans to be forced to pay for other people's educations.
  • The Montana university system spends too much, adding to the state's debt.
  • Some Montanans might object to funding a university system that "attempted suppression of a Christian group while funding 'Sex-a-Palooza'" and enacted policies which disarm students.
  • If the levy were defeated, it might inspire a new "'bottom-up' funding approach" which could grant students consumer power and lead to "healthy competition" between universities.

A Taxpayer's Perspective from NTU

Legislative Referendum No. 118 asked Montana’s voters to continue a special 6-mill levy on all real estate and personal property, with the funds going to support the university system. The current 6-mill levy will stay in effect between January 2009 and January 2019.[1]


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Month of Poll Pollster Yes No Undecided Reference
Sept 2008 MSU Billings 69 percent - - [2]

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