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Morgantown, West Virginia

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Elected Officials
Administrative Officials P
Permits, zoning N
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Morgantown is one of the five largest cities in West Virginia.

Website evaluation

See also: Evaluation of West Virginia city websites

This website was most recently evaluated on 13 May 2012.

The good

  • Budget
    • The current budget is posted.[1]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes are available for this year and for the previous eleven years.[2]
    • Agendas are available for this year and for the previous eleven years.[2]
    • A public calendar is available.[3]
  • Elected Officials
    • Name, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses are available for each council member.[4]
  • Administrative Officials
    • The name, address, phone number, and email address are listed for the deputy manager, but for no other city officials.[5]
  • Audits
    • The most recent audit is available[6]
    • Audit reports are available for the previous three years[6]
  • Public Records
    • The city clerk is responsible for keeping public records, and the contact information is available for that position[7].
  • Taxes
    • Tax revenues are available in the budget.[8]

The bad

  • Administrative Officials
    • No administrative officials names are listed, nor is any contact information.
  • Building Permits and Zoning
    • Applications, permits for building are not posted online
    • Development and zoning ordinances are not posted online
  • Contracts
    • No bids are posted
    • Approved contracts over $10,000 are not posted.
    • Note: There is a page on the website that is for bids and RFPs. However, any substantial information is located on an external site that requires a login to access.[9][10]
  • Lobbying
    • There is no list of employed lobbyists and what they’re paid
    • A list of memberships to associations that lobby on behalf of government entities is not available
    • Membership fees for the organizations is not posted
  • Taxes
    • Tax rates are not posted.


Morgantown is a city in Monongalia County, West Virginia. It is the county seat of Monongalia County. Placed along the banks of the Monongahela River, Morgantown is the largest city in North-Central West Virginia, and the base of the Morgantown metropolitan area. It has a permanent population of 29,660 per the 2010 census, with West Virginia University adding several thousand seasonal residents to the city and surrounding area from September through May. Morgantown is best known as the home of both West Virginia University and the one-of-a-kind Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit system.

Elected Officials

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Morgantown operates under the council/manager system of governance. The city council, which is voted into office by public elections, appoints a city manager to oversee the administrative operations, implement its policies, and advise it. The position of "mayor" present in this type of legislative body is a largely ceremonial title, and may be selected by the council from among its members or elected as an at-large council member with no executive functions.

According to the Morgantown, West Virginia website:

Council member terms are two years in duration, with members being voted into council for each of 7 wards. All seven council seats are up for election every two years.

Council members must be sponsored by 75 registered voters to be placed on the election ballot. Once on the ballot, council members are elected by votes from all wards of the city. Mayor and Vice-Mayor are selected in July by councilmembers to head City Council for the upcoming year.

The City Council provides policy guidelines to the City Manager for management of city services, departments, and employees.[11]

2012 Morgantown City Council Members[11]
First name Last name Represents Serves as/on
Ron Bane First Ward Deputy-Mayor
Jim Manilla Second Ward Mayor
Wes Nugent Third Ward
Jennifer Selin Fourth Ward Urban Landscape, Planning
Marti Shamberger Fifth Ward Metropolitan Theater
William Byrne Sixth Ward
Linda Herbst Seventh Ward

Administrative officials

Morgantown's City Manager functions as the City's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the City Manager is responsible for carrying out policy enacted by the Council, overseeing the administration of the City, and maintaining inter-governmental relationships. The City Manager's executive team includes the Deputy City Manager, City Attorney and department heads; such as the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Development Services , Public Works, Finance, Information Technologies, Human Resources and Airport.[5]

The current city manager is Terrence Moore. Other high-ranking city administrators include Carol Allen, the executive secretary and Jeff Mikorski, Deputy City Manager.


2011-2012 Top 10 Expenditures for Morgantown, West Virginia[6]
Description 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
OPERATING TRANSFERS $6,261,728.00 $6,088,052.00 $4,237,952.00 $3,415,591.00 $3,851,173.00
POLICE $5,140,448.00 $5,509,003.00 $5,525,336.00 $5,912,856.00 $6,163,679.00
FIRE $3,626,374.00 $3,870,044.00 $4,110,600.00 $4,285,790.00 $4,216,580.00
STREET $2,043,680.00 $2,229,085.00 $2,480,983.00 $2,488,776.00 $2,563,008.00
CITY HALL & BUILDINGS $669,860.00 $600,680.00 $533,417.00 $541,168.00 $554,946.00
CODE ENFORCEMENT $665,251.00 $758,168.00 $837,731.00 $887,274.00 $815,936.00
EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE $600,691.00 $609,002.00 $624,347.00 $703,305.00 $710,342.00
FINANCE $589,196.00 $631,467.00 $642,023.00 $713,891.00 $754,136.00
SIGNS AND SIGNALS $571,853.00 $613,648.00 $650,889.00 $651,468.00 $666,438.00
CITY MANAGER $429,796.00 $459,066.00 $460,644.00 $545,077.00 $596,120.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES $22,319,564.00 $23,254,218.00 $22,023,780.00 $22,245,938.00 $23,023,835.00


See also: West Virginia government sector lobbying

There is no information on lobbying available or accessible for Morgantown, West Virginia.


Taxes and Revenues for Morgantown, WV, 2011-12[6]
Description 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
TAXES $18,873,214.00 $18,317,113.00 $17,440,877.00 $17,374,000.00 $18,025,000.00
CHARGES FOR SERVICES $2,337,250.00 $2,378,442.00 $2,329,375.00 $2,336,700.00 $2,341,600.00
FINES AND FORFEITURES $697,443.00 $615,411.00 $639,410.00 $600,000.00 $620,000.00
BALANCE 7/1 $1,572,008.00 $2,316,477.00 $1,476,687.00 $823,543.00 $600,000.00
INTERGOVERNMENTAL $214,305.00 $270,730.00 $271,927.00 $315,225.00 $425,000.00
LICENSES AND PERMITS $334,618.00 $348,738.00 $310,794.00 $340,960.00 $324,900.00
MISCELLANEOUS $501,721.00 $368,846.00 $289,888.00 $317,810.00 $302,135.00
OTHER FINANCIAL SOURCES $8,000.00 $12,000.00 $19,800.00 $12,000.00 $262,000.00
INTERFUND CHARGES $97,482.00 $103,148.00 $99,720.00 $125,700.00 $123,200.00
TOTAL REVENUE $24,636,041.00 $24,730,905.00 $22,878,478.00 $22,245,938.00 $23,023,835.00