Morse and Giron recall petitions certified

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June 25, 2013


By Alex Murray

DENVER, Colorado: A week after the recall petition against Colorado State Senate President John Morse was certified, a similar petition against fellow Democratic senator Angela Giron was cleared by the Colorado Secretary of State's office yesterday.

The over 13,400 signatures submitted against Giron by Pueblo Freedom and Rights showed a 6 percent rate of invalidity, a low number for such a petition. The group needed just under 11,300 verified signatures to move forward. Giron has two weeks to challenge the petition or signatures; otherwise, Gov. John Hickenlooper will be tasked with setting a date for the recall election. The group supporting Giron, Pueblo United for Angela, has argued that such an election, which would cost $250,000, would be burdensome to taxpayers.[1][2][3]

Last week, the petition against Morse was certified with 10,137 signatures, well exceeding the roughly 7,100-signature requirement but with a 37 percent rate of invalidity.[2] Morse's supporters, a group called A Whole Lot of People for John Morse, have challenged the petition against him, saying that the language did not include a constitutionally-required demand for the election of a successor should Morse be recalled.[4] A hearing on the matter will be held Thursday.[5]

The recall movements center around the senators' involvement in the passage of gun control laws which take effect on Monday. The laws includes universal background checks on all sales and transfers of firearms, as well as a 15-round limit on magazine capacity.[2]

Though attempts have been made in the past, a recall election involving a Colorado state legislator is unprecedented.[2] Colorado is one of 13 Democratic state government trifectas.

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