Mt. Shasta Sales Tax to Fund Library, Measure H (June 2011)

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A Sales Tax Increase to Fund the Mt. Shasta Library, Measure H ballot question was on the June 7, 2011 ballot for voters in the City of Mt. Shasta in Siskiyou County, where it was approved.

Since Measure H was approved, an additional 1/4 cent sales tax will be imposed on services and goods purchased within Mt. Shasta's city limits. The money will go to fund the Mt. Shasta library.

From 1990-2010, Siskiyou County gave money to municipalities within the county to operate their community libraries. In 2010, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, faced with the need to cut spending, notified these communities that they were going to have to find their own way to keep their libraries open.

Election results

Measure H
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 635 75.96%
No 201 24.04%

Final election results from the Siskiyou County clerk's office (dead link)


The argument in favor of Measure H in the official voter's guide was signed by:

  • Russ Porterfield
  • Ellen Marconi
  • Carrol Riccomini
  • Jane Prestegard
  • Dennis Freeman

The arguments they made are:

  • "Without a stable source of funding, the Mt. Shasta Library will have to close."
  • "The impact on a local shopper or visitor will be minimal. The additional tax on a $25 dinner would be 6 cents. The added tax on a $600 set of tires would be $1.50."
  • "The funds collected will be held in a segregated account for the sole purpose of supporting library operations."
  • Measure H will relieve the city of the financial burden of supporting the operation of the library building from the general fund.
  • "Measure H ensures the survival of our Mt. Shasta Library as a full service library under local control with the ability to adjust to the diverse needs of our community in the 21st century."


John Kenny, the city attorney for Mt. Shasta, wrote an analysis of Measure H. The analysis says:

"Measure H would enact an ordinance adding Chapter 3.45, entitled “Transactions and Use Tax – Libraries,” to the Mt. Shasta Municipal Code. This ordinance would impose a .25% Transactional and Use tax on personal property not subject to an exemption that is sold in Mt. Shasta, California. This Transactional and Use tax shall also apply to delivery charge when such charges are subject to state sales or use tax regardless of where the delivery is made. The revenue from this tax would be used exclusively to fund the operations of the Mt. Shasta Branch Library. The City Council will appoint a Citizens’ Advisory Committee to review and advise the City Council on the expenditures of the revenue from this tax."

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Measure H: “Shall the City of Mt. Shasta adopt an Ordinance adding Chapter 3.45 “Transactions and Use Tax – Libraries” to Title 3 of the Mt. Shasta Municipal Code, imposing a .25% Transactions and Use Tax to fund library operations of the Mt. Shasta Branch Library?[1]

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